Animal Crossing Island Guide – Why Flattening Your Island Is Better Than Reset

Flatten versus reset, which one should you do? you spent the last year and some months running around the island, looking at the same villagers, and are lost on how to keep progressing through it. animal crossing is a unique game in which it’s up to the player to keep your island story going. after the hand-holding tutorial, the game is all yours to do with what you will. naturally, our minds go to the thought of resetting the island will give you more gameplay. while this seems like a fantastic idea, keep in mind that you’ll lose all progress like your learned ACNH DIY Recipes, your house, and your island creations. not to mention the dreamy that took forever to find. should you reset your entire game or just flatten your island and start over without actually starting over?

How To Choose Between Flatten/Reset Your Island?

This depends on why you’re not happy. if it’s burnout, not much will get you the satisfaction that any game brings you when you first start playing. the best thing for burnout is to take a break for a bit and come back when the game feels like it’ll be fun again. sometimes taking a break and letting your gaming itch follow another path will allow you to come back and enjoy the first game again. if you still have the urge to play but aren’t exactly sure what to do, then trying to refresh your island is a good idea. sometimes it just takes a new perspective on the game to appreciate it again. how can you make a completely open game basically without any linear storyline interesting? if you’ve been playing new horizons for a while, it’s probably up there as one of the most played single-player games in your library. maybe games like Skyrim have a few more hours, but hundreds of hours that is a ton of time to sink into a single-player game. it makes sense that there’s not much left to see and do after all that playing, once you get to that point, you have to be creative to find ways to make the game interesting for you. a long term goal is essential, whether it’s finishing up your critterpedia, completing your entire catalog or spontaneously redecorating your island to match the current season. there is always something to do, it all comes down to what you feel like doing. let’s be real, you’re nowhere close to catching 5 000 fish to complete that one nook mild goal.

What Are The Advantages Of Flattening Your Island? 

Flattening a new horizons island takes a lot of work. especially if you truly want to flatten everything, cutting down all the trees, removing all the flowers, and chopping every mass of land down that you can. you are literally flattening your island down to the bottom layer. this takes a few hours especially if your island is completely decorated. but hours are a lot quicker than the time it takes for you to replay the entire game to get back to the point where you’re at now, so definitely not as devastating. first, the fact that you don’t lose all your progress is huge. you’ll keep all your recipes, your money, your animal crossing items, your critterpedia, and your relationship with your animal neighbors all the things you worked hard for since you started playing, you’ll lose nothing, except a few hours of your time to flatten and throw all your items in storage or even sell them to Tommy for some extra bells if you’re like most of us and have already used up your expanded 2400 storage. While flattening, you also end up just playing the game more. sure, it’s a very tedious few hours of breaking everything down, but at least it gives you something to do if you’ve completely run out of ideas.

What Are The Advantages Of Resetting Your Island? 

If you’re on the edge of whether to flatten or reset, we always suggest flattening first. resetting your entire save file is just so permanent. it would be fun for the minute to get a fresh start on a new town, but you’ll slowly begin to miss the previous save file. but if flattening your island just isn’t the thing for you, then by all means delete that save file and start over. just keep in mind, you’ll lose all your crafting recipes, your nook mile goals, your nook miles, friendship levels with the villager, your furniture, and money.

Resetting could have some benefits. now that you’re a seasoned new horizoner, you’ll be able to explore the game with all the knowledge that you’ve learned, you’ll know exactly where to look for certain fish, how many ACNH bells to bury for a money tree, work the stock market like a pro and know the quickest ways to finding the resources you need for all the beginning quests like building nooks granny and supplying furniture for the crafting houses. you’ll most likely end up paying for your house twice as fast. understanding what you’ll lose when you reset is the most important part, but if you need a reason to keep playing those clear-cut goals to keep you going, then reset away.

If you do end up restarting your island, our advice is don’t time travel right away. you can bring yourself out quickly when you end up doing your dailies over and over again. performing the same actions multiple times a day can get old really quick, just like the new players to take their time and enjoy the game before they start time traveling. this could help you stop burnout. once you get that itch for time traveling, then do it up, just keep in mind this game is designed to be played slowly, one day at a time. at the end of the day play the game the way you want to, enjoy it. if flattening helps you get back to the game, do it. if resetting is your cup of tea, more power to you. do what you want, play how you want, enjoy the game the way you enjoy games!

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