Are Comparable Paneer Dopiaza Costs Also Beneficial For The Health Of The Ordinary Person?

As the word represents, the paneer Dopiaza is the curry of soft paneer with plenty of onions. The addition of tomatoes and different herbs with spices make the paneer curry extra yummy and tasty. Paneer Dopiaza is the favorite food of Indians.

Paneer Dopiaza is restaurant-style paneer that somehow gives restaurants taste. The Paneer Dopiaza costs vary in different restaurants due to quality and amount factors. Paneer Dopiaza costs ₹145 at market in India nowadays. Let’s discuss the different prices of Paneer Dopiaza.

The price of paneer dopiaza is ₹150 per 1 kg.

  • ₹300 per 2 kg
  • ₹450 per 3 kg
  • ₹600 per 4 kg

Paneer dopiaza is also very beneficial to health because it contains plenty of nutrients and carbohydrates. There is a certain amount of fiber in it, which boosts the process of the digestive system. Paneer with onion and Tomatoes are the best combination of vegetables that are relatively healthy for children. Here is the whole table of nutrients calculations of paneer dopiaza.

There are almost 26% of the fats present in this recipe, which helps gain weight for the weak person. The amount of paneer can vary for different weight-conscious persons. The thing is that obese persons can lower the amount of paneer to minimize the level of fats in this recipe.

63% of the Saturated fats are present in it, which is relatively healthy for the healthy heart.

The cholesterol level is 15% which is considered an excellent level, but to some extent, it is not suitable for heart patients.

1% sodium is present in it, which accomplishes and maintains blood pressure in the body.

2% of the potassium is present, which completes the deficiency of minerals in the body.

Enough amounts of carbohydrates are also present, which completes the deficiency of sugar level in blood.

  • Butter chicken(₹333)
  • Dal fry(₹114)
  • Dal makhani(₹115)
  • Dal Tadka(₹126)
  • Fish curry(₹323)
  • Plain rice(₹77)

Paneer is protein, which means a certain amount of protein is often in this recipe due to the presence of protein. The deficiency of proteins can accomplish with the help of this menu.

There are different online platforms available that sell fresh and homemade paneer dopiaza at a very reasonable price. The prices or costs of paneer can vary in different ranges. Some people also use this food as a starter, and some people also use it for the main menu.

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