Are golf shoes really necessary?

Preparing for a round of golf can be tricky.

Whilst you need to make sure you have the essentials packed in your bag – including golf clubs, balls, tees, waterproofs and refreshments – you also need to think carefully about your footwear.

Many golfers often wonder whether golf shoes are necessary for a round of golf. Or whether they could get away with a pair of regular trainers and save themselves the expense.

The simple answer is, golf shoes are not mandatory and any pair of sneakers or running shoes will do just fine. However, wearing specialist golf footwear will benefit your game (and feet!) in a number of ways.

5 reasons to invest in a pair of men’s golf shoes

1.    Grip

When deciding what to wear on your feet for a round of golf, you need a pair of sturdy shoes – especially if you often play in wet conditions or on uneven ground.

Whilst most training shoes provide optimal grip, men’s golf shoes are designed to give players more stability and balance when out on the links. This allows them to stay grounded as they twist and turn, preventing them from slipping and sliding when taking their shots.

2.    Support

If you wear your favourite pair of trainers both on and off the golf course, they are likely to be well worn. However, golf shoes have extra padding and support, which is ideal when you go onto the balls of your feet.

A cushioned pair of men’s golf shoes will alleviate or prevent pain, allowing you to play golf for longer.

3.    Comfort

Golf shoes are typically made from firm yet lightweight materials and enable you to walk the course in comfort. Many of these are waterproof, so you can trust that your feet will remain dry when playing in the rain.

Available in standard UK sizes, you’re sure to find a pair of men’s golf shoes that fit nice and snug – reducing the risk of blisters and sore feet. Some stockists also provide half sizes and shoes that offer a medium or wide-fit.

4.    Breathability

Although a decent pair of golf shoes will keep your feet warm and dry, you want to be confident that they won’t get sweaty.

How hot your feet get often depends on your choice of socks, but most golf manufacturers use breathable fabrics and Gore-Tex linings to absorb excess moisture – keeping you cool and comfy when standing on your feet for long periods.

5.    Style

If you’re worried about finding a pair of men’s golf shoes that complements your stylish look on the course, think again.

Spikeless golf shoes offer the look and feel of a regular pair of trainers with the benefits of specialist footwear. These are versatile enough to wear on and off the course too. Whilst spiked golf shoes have rubber cleats for extra traction, these also come in an assortment of colours and styles, meaning you should have no problem finding something suitable.

Treat yourself to a pair of men’s golf shoes

Whether you’re buying golf shoes for the first time or you need a spare pair, you’ll find an extensive range online at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

They stock a variety of spiked and spikeless golf shoes for men (and women) and provide some of the most competitive prices on the market – allowing you to benefit from footwear that not only looks and feels great but improves your performance without breaking the bank.

Why not check them out and find the perfect pair for you?

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