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Astounding Lighting Designs To Turn Your Home Into A Bookworm Paradise

Being a bookworm, you already know how essential lighting is when you are reading indoors. No matter which part of the house you’re in and no matter if it’s an eBook or a paper book you hold in your hand, all you need in the end is a nice, cozy, well-lit spot to curl yourself up and get lost in your fantasy land. Now, you don’t have to sweat it out and go browse around for the apt lighting fixtures as we’ve done the work for you.

Relying on your primary lighting fixtures like tube lights and lightbulbs for your reading session is just not smart, and that’s where you need much more practical lighting solutions like table lamps and wall lamps. You don’t even have to rejig your home decor or existing furniture because table lamps and wall lamps barely require a lot of space and don’t require a lot of work either.

Table lamps: Splendid sidekicks

Table lamps are your dearest friends when you’re considering making a perfect reading spot. So compact, so blendable, they can literally fit anywhere in your house and serve their purpose. Whether you decide to bury yourself in the couch or if you feel like using your dining table for a good reading session, a table lamp will be your one true companion.

Table lamps are definitely not task lights but are perfect for offering that little amount of light that’s missing from your reading spot. Even if you let the primary light fixtures stay switched off, the lamps can complement ambient light in your room pretty well too. Reading lights can be an option too, but apart from being functional, table lamps also lend an opulent image to your home decor. Now, let’s take a look at the best table lamps from The White Teak Company that offer optimal lighting to your reading spots…

  1. Soup for the Soul: Just like the name suggests, this state-of-the-art table lamp is your answer to everything. Minimalistic design? Check. Compact? Check. Adjustable brightness? Check. This one ticks all the boxes and it is the only reason that this piece is a bestseller. Some people prefer reading in yellow light and some in white, and with this lamp, you can do both. The smart LED offered with it comes with many more colours to add an edge to your home decor too.
  2. Magnetic levitating moon lamp: Though this piece can blend into any part of your home, it is best suited for your bedside table. With an aesthetically pleasing design, it would be unjust to use it just for reading, but it is an excellent companion in your reading sessions. Equipped with a smart LED, you can adjust the brightness and colour according to your mood.
  3. Bright Side: Not a big fan of all the edgy and unconventional home decor elements? Then Bright Side is the one for you. For home decor purists, this table comes with a built-in LED light and with its simple yet striking design, it definitely is a good pick for readers.
  4. Lead the Way: Boasting a vintage and contemporary character, this piece is for readers who go out of their way when it comes to home decor. Loud with its look and brightness, a perfect inclusion for your reading spaces or any part of your home.

Wall lights: Timeless companion

Wall light is one piece of home decor that is never out of the trend. Partly because they accentuate the energy and the aesthetics of your home and partly because of the high functionality quotient that they offer. Wall lights can be a very apt secondary source of lighting from your bedroom to your workspace and your living room to your kitchen. They can be pretty useful in amplifying your reading spot’s lighting no matter which part of the home it is.

Let’s take a quick look at our picks for bookworms from the exhaustive collection offered by The White Teak Company…

  1. Bookworm: Now just like the name suggests, this striking piece was made just for the reader in you. With a smart and compact design, Bookworm offers a simple lamp on one side and an LED downlighter to complement the lighting. The LED downlight is the perfect task light for your prolonged reading sessions on your bed or in your library.
  2. Read me like a book: When you’re a bookworm and a decor lover, you’re usually stuck in a dilemma of whether to go with aesthetics or functionality. Read me like a book put an end to that. This ravishing piece comes with an exceptional glass shade surrounding a grey fabric and an LED downlight too. With its sombre look, this becomes an ideal addition to your bedroom or any other cozy spot in your home.
  3. Take the lead: This piece makes it to our list because of its adaptability. Take the lead comes with a creamy glass shade on a very compact chrome panel. The best part about this piece is that the lampshade is adjustable and can point in any direction you prefer.
  4. Girl next door: This impressive piece had to be on the list for countless reasons but primarily because of its exceptional design, high functionality quotient and the smart LED bulb that lets you adjust the colour and brightness as per your liking. With a tear-drop shaped design, the glass globe housing the bulb hangs low making it a perfect reading companion no matter where and how you are seated.

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