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Automatic doors are really easy but need lots of care.

Perform maintenance on your automatic door 2 times a year.

Regardless of whether it is an automatic door for a store, shop, supermarket, hotel, or any other sector, the maintenance of the automatic door is necessary.

A correct installation of an automatic door is essential. Still, the relevance of automatic door maintenance should be remembered to guarantee the helpful life of an automatic door.

Avoid accidents and gain peace of mind.

Specialist technicians should always carry out maintenance with updated training, perform these tasks according to the manufacturer’s instructions, establish optimal maintenance, and review periodicities if this information is unavailable according to Commercial Locks and Doors. Minimum safety components are also required; automatic garage doors must have already been installed.

Enjoy security and comfort with your Garage Door Installation

Your safety, that of your family or your community of neighbours, is a priority.

Gain peace of mind and anticipate accidents with your automatic door maintenance program, the best way to prevent them.

Door maintenance contract:

The responsibility lies with the property or the administration delegated for this purpose, which is obliged to enforce basic safety standards, repair and maintenance service.

The maintenance service must put in writing the operations carried out in the installation so that the user can be informed at all times.

To carry out the first maintenance contract, it is required:

1) A general review of the entire system to check the proper functioning of all security elements.

2.) Once verified by an approved technician to perform these review and maintenance tasks that the entire system complies with the required requirements, an approval label and an information sign will be placed for the manual implementation of the system and the basic safety standards. If it does not comply with the necessary safety requirements, Automatisms will send them a report to resolve these deficiencies.

3) The maintenance contract consists of three annual reviews to verify that the entire security system is operational and a general review.

4) The commitment of Automatisms: it will carry out all the repairs that arise over time with the special rates that apply to our associates with the maintenance contract.

5) Repairs will be carried out within 24 hours within workshop hours.

Maintenance of automatic doors

The repair of automatic doors is the order of the day, possibly, it has ever happened to you that the automatic garage door does not close, and when it goes in a hurry, it is a severe problem.

But you can carry out specific actions that will not take much time and are very effective for maintenance. Within your small surveillance tasks are cleaning and lubricating certain parts.

Grease the mechanisms

Checking the door turning mechanisms’ greasing will prevent future significant problems. It will be enough to use a liquid grease spray approximately every two months in these areas.

Operation of the electronic board

The electronic plate of an automatic door is the part that controls the opening and closing of this utilizing the remote control.

Sometimes it is optional to proceed with the door repair if we prevent specific details, such as the plate in operation. This will allow us to detect possible failures in the theme mechanism.

You should remember that heating damages the relays or most sensitive areas.

Cleaning door accessories

Finally, it is recommended to ensure that dirt and plant material or debris do not accumulate on the side guides of the door. It is a way to avoid traffic jams order an ailment of it.

When to call an automatic door technician or a company?

If you notice any anomaly in the operation of the door, it is best to request the assistance of a technician to repair the automatic door if necessary. You must be a qualified professional and expert in automation for automatic doors.

What aspects must be taken into account to anticipate a breakdown of the automatic door according to Commercial Locks and Doors:

  • Close or open the door at the wrong time.
  • The door takes time to open.
  • When you open or close the door, it makes a different noise than usual.
  • Once users enter or exit, it takes a long time to close.
  • Upon detection of a user, the automatic door locks and does not open.
  • The door sensor does not detect the user.

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