Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a sweet fragrance with the aroma of blossoms from the jasmine plant. The name “Jasmine” comes from fresh jasmine bud. This tea gained popularity during the Ming dynasty in China, and the popular jasmine teas originate from the Fujian province of China. Blossoms from common jasmine known as Jasminum officinale are blended with stored tea to allow the aroma to infuse. Usually, it is available with a green, black and white base, each having its unique flavor.

Common types of jasmine teas

Loose-leaf Jasmine Green tea

Spring-picked tea leaves scented with jasmine flowers in the summer enable you to make this type of tea. unlike jasmine tea bag, single leaves make it possible to bring out the aroma instead of leaf shoots. The leaves have antioxidants which is a good component for those who wish to experience the health properties of green teas.

Jasmine Dragon Perl Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearls are the most common type and are famously known for their charming appearance and freshness. This type of tea involves a combination of green leaves and jasmine blossoms. The flowers are then carefully rolled into tight little balls to give them a pleasing appearance. Typically, Jasmine Dragon Pearls are created from the youngest tea leaves and have a soft, nice flavor best for beginners to entice the taste buds of tea lovers.

Jasmine Silver Needles

Jasmine Silver Needles is a top-class quality of jasmine. It has simple white tea leaves that are spindly and long and have great health benefits. It is possible to make this tea using the top two leaves of each shoot, which are hand-picked. The pleasant fragrance of the white tea combines perfectly with the aroma of jasmine blossoms, providing an incredible taste experience for any tea fan.

If you are a tea lover, trying out different types of the tea would be worth it to determine the best one for you. They are available in most online tea and coffee shop.

Health benefits

Weight loss

This tea contains catechins that have the fat-burning property that enables you to lose weight. The tea increases your metabolic rate, helping you to burn fat quickly. People who take this tea tend to lose weight faster.

Fights bacteria

This tea comes with properties that enable users to fight harmful bacteria and help their bodies create good bacteria that facilitate a good digestion process.

Boosts energy

This tea has varying amounts of caffeine, which helps boost energy and get you through a slow-moving afternoon. Changing from coffee to this tea can help lower your caffeine intake and help you stay alert and focused.

Relieve stress

The delightful aroma of this tea enables your body to unwind and relax by having the brain eliminate chemicals that may cause stress and fatigue.

Cancer prevention

This tea is highly antioxidant, meaning it can help you lower your chances of developing cancer. Antioxidants help fight radicals that are created in your body and can be associated with cancer growth.

How to prepare Jasmine Tea

You can prepare this tea using tea bags and loose leaf tea blends. Ensure that you have a proper boiling temperature to bring out a sweet taste. For black tea with jasmine flowers, use water temperatures of between 190 and 212 F. For green and white teas, use water temperatures of 150 and 170 F.


  • One teaspoon of loose leaf tea with jasmine flowers
  • 7-10 ounces of water


Boil filtered water with an electric kettle at a temperature setting of 175F. Remember to add some extra water to the kettle to warm up the teapot.

Add the blossoms and tea leaves to a tea strainer. Use a few leaves or brew for a short time to avoid the tea becoming bitter. It is recommended to steep for 2 minutes and confirm the flavor every 30 seconds to have your desired taste.

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