Benefits of Having a Community Compost Pit

We live in a world where the social contract is necessary to coexist with others. When you do something, it’s not always about what benefits you. There are sacrifices you might have to make for the sake of others, and they will do the same. Therefore, the idea of building a community post pit is something that you should discuss with your neighbors. Some might understand the benefit of having one, while others will be against it.

If you wish to open this idea, you can ask for a meeting from the neighborhood association. Discuss the importance of having a community pit and ask for suggestions. Open the floor for questions too. Here are some benefits that you might want to discuss.

It helps dispose of biodegradable waste

You don’t need to mix all types of waste in the same trash. For example, you can place all biodegradable items in the same container and throw them in the pit. Since they quickly decompose, they won’t get full. You can also have rotating responsibilities in managing the area. The problem when you mix things up is decomposition delays.

You can inspire people to recycle

Once it’s already the habit of the community to segregate trash, it’s easy to instill the value of recycling. Not everything must get thrown out. If some items are still perfect for recycling, they should get recycled. You can also consider copper recycling since copper is a valuable material. Apart from the community pit, the neighborhood may also have a recycling area. There’s money when these items get sold. You may initiate other projects from the obtained amount.

The compost pit can produce healthy soil

Some neighbors might be into planting. If they wish to grow healthy plants, they can use the soil from the pit. Once the trash decomposes, it turns into fertilizer. Anyone who wants to use the soil is free to do so.

It becomes a community initiative

Another benefit of having a pit is it becomes a community endeavor. It’s like having a pet, but everyone takes care of it. Sure, there are other projects to consider, but this option is an excellent idea. When it succeeds, it’s everyone’s accomplishment. You may also feel inspired to do something more in the future.

You can introduce the project to other communities

If you succeed with this project, you can discuss what you did to other communities. They might want to start the same idea. Of course, it won’t be an easy path. You will experience lots of bumps in the road, but it’s okay. The good thing is you already know what to do. You will learn from your experience. You may call for regular meetings to discuss the maintenance of the pit. Your neighbors might also have other suggestions on how to improve it. With potential issues, you will become closer as a community. Given all these reasons, it’s time to get started. Hopefully, this effort will yield significant results.

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