Benefits of using a digital password keeper

You need a password for almost everything and that is almost impossible to remember. There are password managers to help you with that, but how do you know if you’ve got a good one?

You have a password for your mail server, your pension overview and all your online subscriptions. Just try to remember them all. A password manager does that for you. But how safe is that? And how exactly does such a password vault work?

Importance of Password keepers

Networks and servers are generally well secured, data breaches and cybercrime are a high priority for most companies. With the increasing use of applications, this security is also receiving more and more attention. But what about the users of the applications? And the company’s employees? There is a great risk in using accounts and passwords.


“A password manager is safe. In theory there is of course a chance that such a service will be hacked. But their ‘core business’ is security. If that doesn’t work, they’re bankrupt. So they do everything they can to prevent that.” There is probably a greater chance that your passwords will be leaked via poorly secured webshops than via your password manager.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

A password manager is useful for everyone, but especially for entrepreneurs. “When you work with customer data, it is important to secure it. But you also don’t want anything to happen to your website or the online service you offer. Digital security is a real business risk.” Several services offer paid and unpaid password managers. The password manager is the same in both cases, but who pays, for example, gets extra storage space for encrypted data.

Change your password regularly, then remember those changes and that for many different apps and sites. You probably recognize it, because you know it’s important, but still the convenience of a memorable (but insecure) password sneaks in. That is why we use a password keeper or password journal app for your personal digital journals. You can see it as a digital safe, so you only have to remember 1 strong password. And that offers advantages:

Only 1 password left

The main benefit of using a password keeper to improve security is that you don’t have to memorize everything yourself. Only the password of the password keeper, of course this cannot be a simple password, but still rememberable.

Strong passwords, for every application

Because you don’t have to remember the complicated passwords, you can use them! That means anyone can use the latest recommendations for secure passwords, including the use of long complex combinations, symbols, punctuation, and capitalization. And that for every application! This gives you increased security across the board.

Quick access

When using a password keeper, you only have to log in once and then you can have a username and password automatically filled in with a keyboard shortcut. That saves time and you don’t have to use the password recovery function every time.

More than passwords

In addition to using passwords and usernames for applications, you can often save more. Secure access to credit card information, a pin code or other important information is often also an option.

Shared accounts

For many companies, managing who has access to which account can be very time consuming – especially if multiple people need access to one account, new people join the team, or leave the team. A shared file allows you to efficiently manage and change it in a password keeper.

In addition to using a password keeper, we also use two-factor authentication in some cases. With two-factor authentication, an application can only be accessed when an additional code generated by another device (for example, a phone, tablet or PC) is entered. This increases the security in the use of applications even more.

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