Benefits of Using Car Shipping Services to and from Washington

Are auto shipping services worth it? Would you be better off driving over very long distances instead of using these services?

The several adverse health impacts of driving lengthy distances can help you understand how beneficial these services are. For the record, some of the negative health impacts of driving long distances include blood clots, back pain, stiff neck, fatigue, and a few others. You can read this article for more on the adverse health impacts of driving very long distances.

Of course, there are tips on how to drive long distances as safely as possible. One such is taking several breaks rather than driving at a stretch. However, you would still be challenged if you choose to go down this path.

So, you should leave things to auto-shipping professionals. To help you come to terms with why this is a better decision, some benefits of using car shipping services to and from Washington will be discussed here.

Reasons You Should Use Car Shipping Services to and from Washington

Trust and cost issues are major reasons why some people would rather drive long distances than have their vehicles shipped using these services. As long as you engage the services of the right company in this line of business, driving long distances should not even be an option. Discussed below are some of the reasons for this:


Speaking of cost, you should know that time is money. As a result, anything that takes quite a lot of your time affects your ability to make money doing what you need to do. Driving long distances takes a lot of your time.

For example, Philadelphia happens to be one of the closest states to Washington. But even at that, you can spend around 2 and a half hours driving between these states. This does not account for influencing factors such as:

  • Designated speed limits in certain parts
  • Breaks (if taken)
  • Traffic congestion – Especially during peak hours

If you have these time-consuming issues between these very close states, you can imagine the odds of traveling from a place like Los Angeles to Washington or vice versa. For the record, that is an average distance of 3700 kilometers.

To put things in a better perspective, that should take around 18 hours at least. This is without accounting for the aforementioned factors. For more on the distance between this Pacific Northwest state and other parts of the country and beyond, you can visit:


Driving long distances is no child’s play. It is a very daunting task and could even be very boring. By and large, it is not a convenient option. This is considering how people who drive long distances could have to deal with issues including:

Weather Challenges

This is especially true during certain periods of the year. Winter is a good example as driving during this season could be a nightmare experience.

Navigation Challenges

Technology helps but this could still be an issue. This is especially true given how there are places where there is no network coverage.

Road Conditions

Road conditions are not always predictable, which even makes GPS navigation further questionable. For example, GPS navigation is not likely to account for construction zones, detours, and rough roads, to say the least.

Traffic Congestion

There is always the possibility of having to deal with traffic congestion. This is especially true in certain places and peak hours. This causes delays and could even leave drivers frustrated.


Fatigue is a major cause of automobile accidents. Driving long distances can leave drivers fatigued, which increases the likelihood of accidents occurring. Drivers would have to deal with several physical or even mental adverse effects, at the very least.

Lack of Essential Amenities

Some drivers end up stranded along the way because they lack access to needed amenities. For instance, they may run out of gas and be unable to fill up because a gas station is not within immediate reach. It could even be about the inability to find a nearby restaurant or accommodation during breaks.

Professional Expertise

There are several difficulties that drivers may encounter when driving very long distances as discussed in the aforementioned point. However, drivers of open or enclosed car shipping trailers are not likely to experience many of these challenges.

This is because of their expertise, experience, and level of preparedness. For example, most companies have (at least) two drivers for every trailer. As a result, the drivers switch places after driving a certain distance or if one of them needs to rest.

These professionals also have practical knowledge of the various routes. This helps them avoid traffic congestion as much as possible, or getting stranded – as they know where essential amenities can be located.


Are you planning to move (permanently or temporarily) to Washington? Then you should opt for car shipping to Washington State as a result of all the benefits discussed above and more. The same also applies if you are moving permanently or temporarily away from this Pacific Northwest state.

3 notable reasons why auto shipping services should be engaged have been stated and explained here. You should make use of these services, especially for these reasons.

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