Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles for Kids

The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and the people who can get out for a bit should consider themselves lucky. Most people look for recreational activities while other Google questions like “escape room for families near me” or “escape rooms and kids parties near me“.

In case you are looking to have some fun at escape rooms and you live near LA, well we have good news for you as this blog offers information about some of the escape rooms that one can visit with kids and his or her family to have a great time.

Here are some of the best escape rooms that you can visit and have a blast.

1. The Alchemist at Escape Room LA

One of the most exciting escape rooms in the making in LA. This escape room has everything that a science fiction geek can ever want, from spells to elements that make up the Earth. This room is one of the best adventures of Escape Room and anyone with the age of 14 and up can go and experience a whole different world. You have to solve all of the clues before the return of the Alchemist. Although there are no parking services available, you can find tons pays lots where you can park your vehicle.

2. The Pharaoh’s Treasure at Ace Escape Room

If you are a fan of ancient Egypt and the mysteries that surround the place, well, you are in for a treat as this escape room is just the place for you to be. In a breath-taking rush that lasts 60 minutes, you need to find a way to get out of a pharaoh’s tomb before the oxygen runs out and you get trapped inside forever. Children above the age of 13 can visit this place under parental guidance and have a good time.

3. Escape from the Time Travel Lab at Real Escape Game

Here, you got locked in a lab for about 60 minutes where time travel is studied. If the players are unable to find the clues in time, they will be trapped in limbo and will be lost forever. Similar to the Ace Escape Room, children above the age of 13 can visit this amazing masterpiece under parental guidance to enjoy themselves and also to explore more about the scientific aspect of this game.

4. Black and White Room at Amazing Escape Room

This is one of the modern versions of escape rooms with a retro setting where everything you see and touch is black and white which makes it different from your average escape rooms. However, the target remains the same, that is, to find all of the clues within one hour if you want to win this game. People of all ages can simply visit this place and have a great time but kids below the age of 12 must visit this place under parental guidance.

5. The Castle at Maze Rooms

In case you are a rookie when it comes to escape rooms, this should be a good pick for your first time. The escape room has been rated by many review websites as easy to solve which makes it quite fun for a family who is new to escape rooms. The task is simple, you are a treasure hunter who has been locked inside the castle by a traitor and you need to put the pieces together to get out. Children above the age of 10 can visit this place but no one under the age of 16 can visit without parental guidance.

These are some of the best escape rooms that one can visit if he or she is looking to have a good time with their families.

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