Best Places to See in Havana: Lost in Mysticism and Solitude

It has always been very interesting to travel to Cuba, it is not known if it is its history, its years of mysticism and solitude, its colonial architecture, its apparent independence, or it is interesting and criticized politics. It is a very interesting country to know and visit, especially in its capital, since there is much to see in Havana.

Havana is the most important city in Cuba, it is there where the tourist attractions are concentrated. The city is located in the west of the country and borders Florida, Yucatán (Mexico), Jamaica, Haiti, and the Bahamas. Need help to plan your vacation & sightseeing? Not to worry about it! Just book spirit airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking. Now let’s take a look at more Havana attractions. Check out the best places to visit with our list of the top attractions in Old Havana, Cuba.

The best way to see and visit Havana: take a free tour

Old Havana

When planning a trip to Cuba, the first thing to do is investigate which are the most emblematic, essential, and fundamental places to visit. In this case, the most important city in the country is Havana, especially the old town.

Old Havana is considered the most important Colonial Center in America and the Caribbean. It is where you will find the historic center of the city, which preserves several historical-cultural attractions, a mandatory stop for every traveler.

Malecón Habanero

The Malecón Habanero is one of the essential attractions to visit in Havana, either by sea or by land. It is a great eight-kilometer long walk that takes the traveler to live emotional stories and full of unforgettable memories on its wall, which serves as a seat for thousands of people who contemplate the immensity of the sea. The best thing is to stop, admire the sea, and let the time pass between the tranquility to breathe in and the atmosphere of the street vendors. The environment that is created is unique and worth experiencing.

National Capital of Cuba

One of the most symbolic buildings in the city of Havana is the National Capital of Cuba, similar to the Capitol of Washington DC in the United States. It is located in the Centro Habana Municipality, and its construction was directed by the dictator in turn, Mr. Gerardo Machado in 1926 with all the support of the United States. To complete the construction of the Capitol, they had to hire more than five thousand workers and several million US dollars were invested.

Castle of the Three Kings of Morro

The castle is harmonious and has a natural setting that makes it special and unique. It has a colonial fortress of considerable size and keeps secrets and the history of old Havana, so it is worth visiting on any trip to Cuba. In addition, from the castle, there are spectacular panoramic views of the city of Havana and the sea.

Here is a prepared list for you with things to do and see in Havana

Soak up the daily environments and local life in the streets of Centro Habana:

Without a doubt, it is my favorite neighborhood in Havana. An area full of local life, with street markets, local restaurants, little bars, and an everyday atmosphere. The prices are also much more affordable than in Old Havana. Old Havana is the concentration of most tourist establishments.

Say WTF when you stumble across Chinatown:

Yes, in Havana there is also a Chinatown. Maybe it shouldn’t be stated to you so that you go by surprise and it happens to you like me that walking you suddenly find it and you can’t if not say “WTF!”

It happens to be very small, but it is quite an event when you find it walking through Centro Habana. In what world of surreal realities you can live in.

Eat at one of the many local food places:

Cuban gastronomy happens to be perhaps not the best on its continent. It is already a statement in the Cuba Guide. The variety of their dishes is quite scarce. Therefore, the gastronomic offer that you are going to find is not going to be very wide.

Admire the grandeur of the University of Havana:

A surprise is there for you. At the end of the streets of Centro Habana, you will be finding a rising slope. Upon reaching the top, you can see the University of Havana. It will astonish you with its magnificence.

In the Nutshell

Havana has something for everyone to enjoy. From driving around in a classic car to drinking daiquiris, this is what to do in Havana, Cuba!

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