Best Productivity App for University Students

It’s the school season again. I wonder if you are having classes at school or at home this year? No matter where you are, an excellent productivity app can help you study efficiently and save time.

WPS Office for students is an all-in-one, free office software that supports Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. You only need to download one software, which includes Writer( Word), Spreadsheet( Excel), Presentation( PPT) and PDF. WPS Office has been among the best in the productivity rankings of app stores in many countries. Let’s take a look at how can WPS Office help you with your study!

Handle a presentation

A group presentation is an indispensable experience in your university. a presentation not only practices your illustration skills also makes you understand the importance of teamwork. Firstly, group cooperation is essential. especially during the pandemic, most of you still study from home. By using wps docs, you can also collaborate in real-time with your classmates. Communication has become easier. There is no need to send and receive files repeatedly, multiple people can view and edit at the same time, and edit records can be kept. Secondly, templates can make your presentation stand out among classmates. wps has 5000+ different kinds of selected templates for you to choose from. no matter what major you are in, you can all find your favorite one. Clear diagrams help classmates and teachers grasp your key points more quickly.

Your pocket E-textbook

E-textbook have become more popular among college students. E-textbook have more advantages than traditional textbooks. E-textbooks are cheaper and more environmental-friendly. Most importantly, e-textbook can be saved to your devices and can be carried anywhere. wps office is multi-device friendly, Just save your file up to wps cloud, you can open your textbook via different devices and edit the same file without transferring. you may also need to annotate and edit on your e-textbook. Normally, an e-textbook is pdf format. WPS Office has fully functional pdf tools that let you annotate, edit and make notes on your e-textbook. As well a power converter tool helps you convert to any format you like.

Make a resume

if you’re during the graduation season. Writing a resume makes you a headache. An excellent resume has a bunch of rules and components. Through only a few sentences to introduce yourself, describe your advantages and working experience is a complex issue. What are you got a professional resume assistant? it’ll help you make a clear structure, write with professional words and decorate your resume. OUResume is here to be your resume director! Improve your resume from different perspectives.

Study with a powerful tool can save you time. We also consider your identity as a student. WPS Office is free to download and use as your best study partner!

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