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Best skylights for flat roofs

Skylights provide our home air circulation as well as sunlight. Ventilating our house using daylights releases the hot air which keeps our house warm during the day. Skylights are not suitable for every kinds of roof. Flat roof tend to be appropriate for installing skylight because there is enough room to cut and fit a skylight at the flat roof. By installing skylight you can enjoy the perception of deep blue sky.

If you are building a new home or renovating your expired roof and you have need to purchase and install skylight in Cape Town or Southern Cape area you can contact us and place your order at FOUR SEASONS ROOF WINDOW And Skylights Cape Town. If you are interested in talking to us please make us a call at (021) 551 75 33. It’s our official telephone number. Rooflites  Is a Cape Town based company founded in 1991.

There are several different types of skylights we produce in our production plant and sell to our clients. Some of the common types and the features of those are given down below:

Opening skylight:

The most common type of sky light is the opening skylight. This type of skylight is equipped with solar motor installed in it. So the solar panel gets powered by the sun. This charges the battery and ready to use whenever you need to use it. All you got to do is to push the switch and it will open up. This kind of skylight comes with a rain sensor. If you live in an area, where it rains so often the  sensor will save your property, In case you are not in your home while it started raining. You can buy the best skylights for flat roofs.

Fixed skylight:

If it’s a room where you don’t want your skylight to open you can install fixed skylight up there. This only provides only light without any regular flow of air. Fixed skylight will only natural lights to enter the room and the sunlight will carry the heat from the sun .and that will normally carry heat infrared radiation. The amount of converted heat basically depends on several factors, such as including the technology have been used during the production the skylight you have installed. You can go for skylights installers cape town.

Curb mounted skylight:

Skylights sits on a framed opening in the roof known as curb mounted skylight. The frame is fastened with the roof sheathing permanently then flashed with thin pieces of improvised material to prevent water from leaking around the openings. Usually the curb is installed before mounting the curb mounted skylight. The curb mounted skylight is hold up higher than the roof by the curb. The height of the curb is selected according to the pitch of the roof. The steeper the roof will be, the higher the curb should be. With a 5 degree or less pitch to the roof the height of the curb will be 3 inches as per recommended. If the pitch is more than 5 degree the curb will be 6 inches which is recommended. When choosing the best skylights for a flat roof, consider their size, style, and material.

The sun tunnel: 

A sun tunnel sends the sunlight from the roof of your house down to a highly reflective tube and comes into the room below. By installing a sun tunnel the dark areas of the house gets brighter. The sun tunnel works best when it’s installed directly from the roof to the room underneath. Flexible sun tunnel works as the same principal but the light is slightly lower. The reflective tunnel ensures a good flow of sunlight directly to the room where it’s needed. The life span of acrylic dome is almost ten years and for the solid tubing is like 20 years. The rigid tubing should last forever. A sun tunnel produces less heat than electric light. Its maintenance free and don’t require ant cleaning.

We believe in customer satisfaction. So if you have any further inquiries please feel free to contact us. We are always there for you.

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