Bol Behen: A Digital Sister Who Understands

Girl Effect, a non-profit organisation, has teamed up with WhatsApp to help young girls and women with pressing questions regarding their health and well-being. ‘Bol Behen,’ a chatbot designed to aid girls and young women with solutions to women’s health and well-being problems, is modelled after an avatar of a digital elder sister. Young girls and women can talk with the bot and ask it any question they want about their health or well-being, and the bot will respond appropriately.

What Is Bol Behen?

Bol Behen is a chatbot that works with WhatsApp. It can answer questions regarding women’s health, happiness, relationships, and sexual and reproductive health. Bol Behen, modelled after an older digital sister, strives to provide a secure space for girls and young women concerned about their health but afraid to ask an adult. The bot can talk in English and Hindi, allowing it to reach a wide range of people. Young girls can ask the bot any questions regarding female health and well-being, and the bot will do its best to answer them. Bol Behen is the ultimate educational and interactive tool for females, combining the best of both to empower them and provide answers to their questions based on facts and science rather than taboos and myths.

Who Is It For?

This chatbot is designed for women living in locations where high-tech equipment is not readily available, preferring to rely on basic smartphones and slower internet. As a result, contacting them will be straightforward using this WhatsApp chatbot. You can use ‘Bol Behen’ to initiate a discussion in two ways. Send a WhatsApp message to +91-730449661 to get started. Two, you can see the invite link by clicking here.

Bol Behen isn’t a new initiative; it debuted in 2020 on Meta’s Facebook Messenger, which successfully reached many young women and girls. With the help of a WhatsApp chatbot, that reach might be extended to new places and people, as well as assisting and empowering a growing number of girls.

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