How To Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money (2022)

People love it when they get to set some beautiful music as their ringtone instead of some boring ringtones that the mobile companies install in their products. Such music lovers will keep an eye on anything new in the world of mobile ringtones. This has encouraged many budding music composers to try something new in the world of ringtones by tweaking some popular songs into fresh tunes.

Many platforms are offering a chance for music lovers to share their creations with the world in the form of ringtones. One such platform is MusicDigi. This website is famous for supporting musicians by allowing them to share their music via Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and so on. This destination shares the payments and royalties with the musicians, every time someone makes a payment for a ringtone purchase. You can check their webpage to get more information.


Ringtones are the music that people use to alert them when someone is trying to call. These kinds of music were just some boring tones once. As technology improved and people started to sell music online, it helped music lovers to set the shorter version of their favorite songs as their alert or ringtones.

When you plan to get your music on Apple Music, then you should understand that these ringtones will be no more than 30 seconds longer. They will be created in the required format to support the mobile phones or the type of file that the online platforms support. Many online platforms prefer particular ringtones files and the musicians should create or change the format of their creations accordingly.

Creating RingtonesĀ 

Creating ringtones is an easier task for the people that have a hold on the music language. These people will even know the art of tweaking the music notes here and there to create something new from the clips of a popular song. However, the musicians, who are trying to make some tweaks in the songs of someone else and sell ringtones online should get all the legalities cleared before the attempt.

Copyright ProblemsĀ 

Some musicians sell ringtones on iTunes after they work on their music in the available option on their iPhone. The ringtones that are available for download from such sources will be of 30 seconds to the 1-minute duration. The interested buyers can search in iTunes to find the ringtones of their choice and purchase as many as they prefer.

The musicians that upload their creations to different sources such as iTunes, Google Play, and so on, are suggested to legalize their work. This will allow them to upload their files without any problem of facing some legal issues in future. The ringtones that are available in the digital music distributor platforms are all under the license and authorization of the one that uploads them.

Some platforms focus on helping the budding musicians to get the recognition that they prefer. These websites will do so by helping them in all possible ways when these musicians wish to upload their special creations on their platforms. These sites will even help them with the legalization process of the ringtones.

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