Brush Up on Your Betting Knowledge for the Races

Whether you are a seasoned punter or a rookie, you are indeed placing your bets to win as no one intends to throw away cash. Therefore, it’s best to brush up your betting knowledge for the races as you don’t want to make bets you don’t understand and there are so many to choose from it can get complicated, from single bets to picking 7 horses. Believe it, or not some bets are not for the newbies. If you are interested in hitting the race tracks soon, then read on as this article will brush up your knowledge and clear confusions that might be common with placing bets on the horse racing tracks.

  • Win & Place

“Win” is one of the simplest horse racing bets. All you need to do is select a specific horse after studying the boards. You will only get a return for your money if the horse is successful. The amount you get will depend on the odds bookies place on the horse. Naturally, horses with the lowest likelihood of winning have the highest odds. Sometimes, when a horse “backed,” too many people have placed their bets on it, which will further make the winning odds a lot lower.

“Place” is similar to Win, but it slightly increases your chances of winning because you’ll get returns if your chosen horse comes in first or second place.

  • Exacta & Superfecta

The Exacta and Superfecta bets aren’t rocket science; however, you’ll have to choose more than one horse anticipated to finish in a particular position in a single race. Here’s the thing with Exacta bets—the two horses you select must finish in the places you predict for you to get your return. On the other hand, the chances of winning with Superfecta is a bit slim because all four of your selections must win at the exact position you predict. Once one of the horses fails to come in at the precise position, you won’t get any returns even if the remaining horses finish according to your prediction. 

  • Ante-Post Bet

This bet is for people that are feeling super lucky because the risk is super high. However, if your predictions go your way, the returns can be a jumbo package depending on how much you wager. With an Ante-Post bet, you are placing your bets before setting the final conditions surrounding the race. Meaning, there’s a chance the horse you pick might not even make it to the race. Technically, you would have lost money even before the race starts.

  • Multiple Bet 

This bet is another high-risk wager where punters can place their money on different horses running in various races. The chances of winning are also low, but the return is always enormous. You’ll only get returns if all your selected horses win according to your predictions. Any loss from one of the races means you get nothing even if your other predictions are correct. It’s quite similar to the Superfecta bets; however, you don’t have the opportunity to bet across multiple races with Superfecta bets.

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