Building Concrete Houses in The South is Safer

Living in the southern American states makes you more likely to have Southern Concrete Contractors build your new home. They are advertised as the experts to that type of construction that requires a lot of knowledge on mixing steel and concrete. It has been an art that only specialized civil engineers and technicians know in the previous decades.

Most of the schools and government buildings have been made with concrete blocks. However, all family homes were not a prerequisite that continued to follow the traditional American wooden type of construction. Not to mention that wood used to be cheap, and now it has almost reached the price of steel and concrete. Let’s see what the benefits of hiring a concrete contractor in the southern states are.

Makes the Foundations Go Deeper

It would be easier to make the foundations go deeper when using the concrete block type of construction. Specialized engineers are here to give you their expert advice on what you need to do for your foundations to be deeper and safer than ever before. However, going deeper can give you a hard time with underground waters. Not all soils in America have the same ability to support your building. Even in swampy areas, there is always a chance to make the soil capable of accepting deeper foundations and allow you to create more stories underneath the ground.

Deeper foundations also make it possible for you to have better earthquake protection. Every building that has been structured to enter deep in the ground is more likely to have less impact from a sudden quake than any other wooden structure near the epicenter.

Reduces The Chance of Flooding

Many areas, especially in rural America, have issues with flooding. These are close to great rivers with levees that could break, as the incident with New Orleans in 2005 and the devastating Katrina storm. Having a concrete building makes it impossible for water to enter inside since concrete is a hard rock that is quite waterproof from both sides. Just imagine how it could help when you have many underground floors that without a concrete structure would be immediately flooded with water. 

Gives You a Pest-Free Home

Pests are a real pain in the ass for all people living in the southern states. That happens because of the humid and warm conditions that are present on a year-round basis. Pests like termites can infest your foundations and slowly and gradually eat your wooden parts and plywood. That would be devastating for your house stability. People who live in concrete buildings don’t have that issue since pests cannot enter the building’s skeleton. That makes all the concrete structures a lot more efficient for pest control and survive many more years than the wooden ones.

Releases More Space in Your Lot

Building a multiple-story concrete house will allow you to use a smaller surface in your lot. We know that bigger lots are available in rural America, but that isn’t valid for suburban and urban areas. Smaller lots can accommodate a three-story building with the same surface, with another having only two stores. The first one can cover less lot surface and give your family the chance to have more free space in the garden for its use. 

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