Cheap Flights that Make Budget Travel a Hit

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of travel? Perhaps airfare, right? Has to be, because it is one of the major expenditures when planning any tour to anywhere in the world. Higher airfares can also sometimes make you put off or even cancel your travel plans. However, when you book a flight with Luxury Escapes, you are sure to get a good deal. As we offer a host of options to budget travelers for booking cheap flights to any destination in the world.

You name the place and we have a cheap flight option for you to pick and book as per your choice and requirement. Just let us know where you intend to travel and we’ll present before you a number of best price deals on some of the best low-cost air carriers in the world. This post entails a list of the top 5 cheap flights that are guaranteed to make your budget travel a hit.

Top 5 Cheap Flights to Consider for Comfortable Budget Travel

1. AirAsia

One of the top choices for several budget travelers, this low-cost airline prides itself in being voted by Skytrax as the Best Low-Cost Airline in the World, nearly 10 times consecutively! Its focus on top quality and world-class amenities even at cheap prices ensures that passengers enjoy a smooth, no-hassle journey all along.

The airline’s hub can be found at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, but runs flights to several places around the world. Its sister company, AirAsia X, also operates cheap flights to London and Honolulu, among others.

2. Indigo Airlines

Following close after AirAsia, Indigo can safely be labeled as the second-best cheap airline in Asia. In addition, this Indian airline is one of the largest in the country, owing to the number of passengers who fly Indigo regularly. This low-cost air carrier has cheap flight options for not just domestic but international budget travel too.

Indigo operates primarily within India but also flies cheap flights to top tourist destinations such as Thailand, the UAE, and Sri Lanka. If you’re looking to enjoy world-class comfort while flying on a tight budget, then Indigo cheap flights are your go-to option.

3. Southwest Airlines

Another favorite among budget travelers around the world, Southwest Airlines is best known for cheap airfares and open seating options. This gives passengers the option to choose any seat they want during the time of boarding the flight. For this reason, the airline is widely preferred by several passengers flying on budget.

Southwest Airlines operates a number of cheap flights to several major cities around the US, Caribbean, and Mexico, among many more. You can now book cheap flights to any of your preferred destinations with us.

4. EasyJet

If you’re looking for extremely comfortable yet affordable travel around Europe and the Middle East, then EasyJet cheap flight options are worth considering. It is the largest airline of the UK, operating across 30 countries and carrying nearly 59 million passengers a year. It offers the best-possible cheapest fares across the European continent so you can enjoy more at a lesser price.

5. JetStar

One of the best and lowest-priced airlines connecting several top tourist destinations in Asia, the South Pacific, and Hawaii. The airline offers the flexibility to opt for as many in-flight facilities as you may want at the time of booking.

This means you pay the affordable base fare and can add extra amenities as well – a cheap flight that puts passenger comfort and convenience ahead of fares. Book cheap flights with JetStar via Luxury Escapes for your travel to major cities in Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or the Philippines.

Book Cheap Flights for your Budget Travel with Luxury Escapes

The best part about booking with us is that we will take care of all your budget travel needs without compromising on the quality offered or your comfort. It is of utmost importance to us and therefore we take great care in choosing only the best cheap flights for your budget international travel.

What’s more? There’s yet another advantage of booking your tours with us. From low-priced airfare to affordable yet luxurious stay options, we provide it all. This means that your budget travel can now be a complete luxury retreat even at reasonably affordable prices!

Just let us know where you wish to travel to and we’ll take care of everything else. From providing options for cheap flights to your destination to offering some of the best budget hotels equipped with world-class amenities, we’ve got your back at Luxury Escapes.

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