Checklist for Purchasing a Gold Chain!

Gold chain buyers have many options in the market today. It may seem confusing for many of them. This article will examine the questions they should ask before making a final purchase decision.

What are the popular types of chains?

The most popular ones are:


Chain links in a curb-style chain can be locked together when the chain is flat. The width options for this chain type are the most extensive.

Figaro –

This style consists of several regular links (typically three) followed by a single extremely long link.


A rope-like interweaving design is featured here. There are two primary types of rope chains, the more delicate version (the straight rope type) and the more robust designs (twisted rope)


A Rolo chain has identical, typically spherical links.


Wheat is formed by connecting and intertwining oval and twisted oval links. The result is a complex chain with much visual texture. It is referred to as a wheat or Spiga chain.


This style features a chain with a higher close weave, either round or square in cross-section, and links that form a slight zigzag. Although they look great and feel smooth, they can easily get tangled in fibres or kink when caught on the fabric.


Square links are joined together to form a box chain, which is otherwise a smooth chain.

What type of clasp must the chain have?

When looking to purchase a chain, the clasp is another crucial component to consider.

Lobster clasps are consistently voted the most preferred type of closure for their convenience, longevity, and resistance to snagging.

Hook clasps are convenient but possibly less secure than lobster clasps.

Again, the ring clasp is secure, although you might need assistance when putting on or taking off your chain.

What purity is the gold chain made of?

The gold’s purity should be one of your primary concerns while shopping for gold chains. Different purities of chains, including 9K (37.5% gold) 14-karat gold (58.33 % gold) 18K (75 %) vs. 22K (91.66 %) gold are available. There is obviously more gold present if the Karat number is high.

Can 24-karat gold be made into a chain?

The purest type of gold is 24Kt, which has a purity of 99.99%. But because of its softness, it is not used to make chains. Due to its ductility and malleability, 24-karat gold can be readily distorted and lose its grasp on a piece of jewellery.

What should be the ideal length of a gold chain?

You will highlight different areas of the chest depending on the length of the chain. A 16-inch chain, for instance, will sit higher on the chest than the collarbone and be worn closer to the neck. The standard 18-inch gold chain will rest on the wearer’s collar bones; longer necklaces will rest on their skin and clothing, depending on their style. The most well-liked female gold chains lengths are 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. The range of possible male sizes is 18–24 inches.

Exactly how often will one need to put on the gold chain?

If you want a chain you can wear daily, you should consider one that is more robust and long-lasting; for example, you should probably use solid gold chains designs. Though they are the priciest, they last the longest and are the strongest. Save hollow chain designs for special occasions. These neckpieces are fancy items and are easily broken or dented; once they are, it’s not easy to get them back into shape.

How many Chains can be worn at once?

The number of pieces of jewellery a person can wear is unlimited. Until it starts to appear like a dungeon, more is better. However, being trendy and having an eye for what’s fashionable is essential for keeping up with the ever-shifting fashion scene.

Final words:

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