Chimney and Duct Cleaning

Cleaning chimneys and air conditioning ducts is vital for compliance with the DB-SI (Basic Fire Safety Document) and the RITE Regulation of thermal systems in buildings.

Why clean chimneys?

  • To prevent any form of fire: the job of Chimney sweep and removing the vitrified immediately tries to avoid the reserve of deposits that might ignite in the chimney shunt and spread the fire to the whole home. Because this is by far the most prevalent issue with our fireplaces.
  • To avoid poisoning:One of the most prevalent problems in recent years is death by poisoning, due to the slathering of gases in chimneys, in a duct and extractors, if they’re too dirty and blocked up, the combustion gases could correctly be expelled, they continue to stay in the ducts and are returned to the home and pose a great health hazard.
  • To save: a filthy duct inhibits the correct operation of an installation and diminishes its usable life. In a filthy boiler, the performance loss is 7 to 8 percent for each millimeter of deposit (soot, sulfates, vitrified) (soot, sulfates, vitrified). Consequently, it is crucial to maintain the ducts clean in all their dimensions. To guarantee that your chimney reacts efficiently, they must ensure that it is clean.

Cleaning of Smoke Extraction Systems:

Extraction systems in industrial kitchens (fumes, gases, and vapors) and fireplaces for firewood or embers convey smoke and smell out of buildings suitably and safely, without creating any form of disturbance to the occupants of the building itself. building and neighboring

All the extraction ducts of industrial kitchens with continuing usage are coated with a coating of grease and food particles that attach to the inner walls of the ducts and the fan blades, limiting the extraction efficiency and raising the danger of fire.

In the case of fireplaces for fuel and embers, the consequence is considerably worse; creosotes (a sort of tar) and fat are added to the soot, constructing an actual time bomb waiting for the ideal moment for its explosion. So Fireplace cleaning is a must.

Why clean your fume extraction system?

Lots of reasons might be presented to clean exhaust systems and Chimney cleaning; however, generally, there are four:

-If the deposits in the duct surpass 6 Grams/M2, the danger of fire is deemed Very high.

– In Hospitality, most fires and mishaps occur in the kitchen.

– Dirt in ducts and extractors increases electricity consumption and affects extraction effectiveness.

– If the chimney has not been examined or cleaned every six months by a maintenance firm, your policy may not cover compensation in case of fire.

This is especially dangerous all for your destruction to your manufacturing kitchen and in terms of injury to 3rd parties or the structure of the building. Since the quantities are very high, insurers look about any loophole in the law to not pay, so the responsibility falls on the premises holder.

For the preceding reasons, adequate maintenance and cleaning certifications or semi-annual inspections are of vital significance.

Cleaning of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems-

Cleaning air conditioning and ventilation systems are vital to maintaining excellent environmental health in homes, business premises, and buildings, avoiding the “Sick Building” syndrome and the health of the people who work, visit or reside in them.

The new Regulation of Temperature Installations in Buildings (RITE) establishes the conditions that must be met by setups intended to meet the requirement for heat well-being and cleanliness of heaters, air conditioning, and ventilation installations in buildings to improve health help rational use of energy.

Cleaning of ducts by use of compressed air-

This equipment, via the air injection system, pulls the dirt lodged in the ducts simultaneously as it visualizes, records, and verifies the cleanliness, using the tiny camera that it has and that permits remote control. Its perimeter cleaning technique goes through the whole Air duct cleaning, eliminating all dust and debris particles. The nozzle adjusts to all scenarios, no matter the duct’s form, size, or substance.

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