Choosing Quality Horse Shelters

If you’re looking for horse shelters, there are many options. You can find stalls, run-ins, corrals, and lean-to sheds. Some of these are more functional than others.


If you have horses, you will likely be familiar with horse shelters. They offer protection from the weather and flies. You can also use them for hay storage.

The best types of shelters will be spacious and well ventilated. Horses naturally enjoy wide open spaces. In addition, stalls can be made with mats to increase the comfort of your horse.

There are many types of equine & livestock shelters on the market today. These include run-in sheds, enclosed stables, and freestanding barns. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the more expensive and the more inexpensive options.

When selecting a horse shelter, you should consider its features and the number of stalls you need. Stalls should be as large as possible to allow your horse the space it needs to move around. Generally, a 12′ x 18′ shed is the minimum size for three average sized horses.

Quality horse shelters should also be constructed from durable materials. A quality steel frame is best. Stainless steel and aluminum are popular choices. Solid materials like concrete will not perform well in the water.

Run-in shelters

Quality horse run-in shelters can protect your horses from a variety of weather conditions. They provide shelter from the elements, as well as give your animals the option to get out and exercise. This gives them a healthier life, and helps reduce the risk of respiratory problems and ulcers.

Some owners also use these shelters for storing grooming supplies, medicine and tack. These structures are easy to maintain, and are portable so they can be moved if needed.

If you are considering building a run-in shelter, it is a good idea to find a high and dry location to place the structure. It’s best to locate it away from fences and gates. You should also make sure the shelter is big enough to accommodate your horses. A good rule of thumb is 100 square feet per horse.

The front of your run-in shed should have a large opening. If you have a taller horse, you may want to consider putting up a kickboard.

Lean-to sheds

Lean-to horse shelters are designed to provide an environment that will protect your animals from the elements. They are also a convenient way to maintain a healthy livestock environment.

These shelters are typically made from post frame construction. They are constructed with durable architectural shingles that resist all weather conditions. Standard features include a sliding window with grill in each stall. You can add glass-in doors for additional tack rooms.

When choosing a lean-to shelter, consider the location of the property and the prevailing weather patterns. Choose a spot away from utility lines and water sources. Ideally, the shelter should be located on a high, well-drained area.

In addition, the roof should be sloped to keep rain and snow out. The eaves of the lean-to should be a minimum of 10 feet tall. This will prevent horses from hitting their heads on the ceiling.

Traditionally, lean-to barns have three standing walls and an open fourth wall. For more than one stall, you can add a solid dividing wall.

Corral shelters

Corral shelters provide a safe, shady place for your horses. They can be set up in any field or yard that needs a little extra shelter. They can also be used to store hay, corn, or anything else that you need for your livestock.

Corral shelters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The best size depends on the number of horses that you have and their height. An 8-10-foot interior is ideal. However, you do not want to have your horse’s head stuck in a small area.

Horses may develop stress, joint problems, and other health conditions if they are not given the proper shelter. Whether they need a little extra shade in the summer or extra protection during the winter, a run-in shed can be an excellent option.

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