Choosing the Right Moving Company: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the right moving company is not easy. From researching to comparing quotes, a lot can go wrong — believe me. The last thing you want on your plate is a moving company that lacks experience, professionalism, and the proper licensing. Like most of us, you want the moving process to be easy. Imagine waking up to your new home with damaged furniture, an expensive bill, and an angry spouse yelling, “I told you so”. Well, there are common mistakes anyone can avoid. So, this doesn’t happen to you.

 Mistake 1: Not Researching and Comparing Moving Companies

When it comes to hiring a professional moving company, always do your research and compare moving companies. The biggest mistake you can make is not doing your due diligence. Spend at least an hour comparing different moving companies. Always ask questions during the process. The first question you should ask is how reputable is the moving company. You want a company that has a proven track record. New companies tend to be more inexperienced, and this is the last thing you want. Secondly, you need to question how reliable a moving company is. What if they cancel on you on the day of the move? Wouldn’t this be a scary situation to be in? Yet, it happens every day, and there is not much anyone can do once it happens except to learn from their mistakes.

 Mistake 2: Focusing Solely on Price

Now that you have chosen a reliable moving company, it is imperative to find a company with a fair price. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a moving company just because they are cheap. More than likely these moving companies lack experience and professionalism. Always get estimates from your top 3 moving companies. Most moving companies charge for gas, materials, and have a minimum of hours that you would have to pay. Doing this will ensure that you get a fair deal without paying extra for miscellaneous items. Also, when comparing prices make sure you check the moving companies’ customer feedback. This will make it easier for you to decide which moving company is best for you.

 Mistake 3: Not Getting In-Person Estimates

It is crucial to get in-person estimates when hiring a moving company. If you get an estimate over the phone any moving company can decide to raise the price on the day of your move. They will do this because there is no paper trail. If you get an estimate in person they are more likely to give you a fair and accurate price. Also, when you get an estimate in person you will be able to see the moving companies office. Is the place organized? How is the customer service? This will navigate you in the right direction to get the best value for your money.

 Mistake 4: Overlooking Insurance and Liability Coverage

Always choose a moving company that has insurance and liability coverage. What happens if during your move one of the employees damages your belongings? If they don’t have insurance they are more likely to not cover the cost if they damage your valuables. Most moving companies need to have a USDOT number, a license from the Federal Motor Carrier, and insurance to cover your belongings. If the moving company doesn’t have the credentials don’t risk it. You can verify the moving company’s USDOT number by going online and entering the number on the FMCSA website. If the moving company doesn’t show up on the website they aren’t legitimate. You can have the moving company send you a copy of their insurance and credentials to make sure it isn’t a scam. All legitimate moving companies will have you sign a contract at the beginning of your move.

Mistake 5: Ignoring Customer Feedback and Reviews

Never ignore a moving company’s customer feedback and reputation. Company reviews will make it easier for you to anticipate what kind of service you will receive. Evaluate all reviews positive and negative to give you a better insight into how the company handles issues. Some customers tend to write negative reviews that aren’t about the moving company. Usually, positive reviews on Google are more reliable because they confirm if the review is factual. Also, check to see how long a company has been in business. If the company has been in business for five-plus years with superb reviews it is most likely that they are reliable and professional.

When moving local, long distance, or international, don’t make these 5 common mistakes when choosing a moving company. Always do your due diligence and thoroughly research your options. Prioritize the companies that have an active USDOT number, to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Ask necessary questions in person to make sure you are choosing the best moving company for your move. Always choose a moving company that has insurance to protect your valuables. Lastly, read each contract carefully before signing. This will save you a huge headache.

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