Choosing the Right Style of Evening Dress

To look amazing, whatever the occasion, a girl needs a chic dress. At the same time, choosing the perfect outfit is not an easy task. It is important to consider many nuances, such as the type of figure, the set of colors, and the nature of the event.

We will tell you how to choose an evening dress and strike everyone around on the spot with our delightful image. You can also visit this stylist site for a range of outfits for different occasions. An online stylist can also guide you in choosing the perfect dress for your event, including styles like bohemian dresses. You can also get an idea of casual outfits like next maxi skirts or next petite skirts.

How to Choose the Right Dress for the Type of Event

You should always approach the selection of an evening dress carefully. It doesn’t matter: a party, a corporate party, or a romantic dinner in a restaurant – you need to amaze everyone with your beauty. This depends not only on your festive mood but also on the inner state of your soul. What are the dresses and how to choose exactly what you need? – let’s figure it out.

Basic Evening Dress Styles


Versatile outfits that are suitable for any figure. The classic style of cut satisfies the needs of even the most fastidious ladies. For slender girls in such an outfit, graceful forms are emphasized, and short ones look slimmer. Such an evening dress for full ladies is also suitable due to the smooth transition from shoulders to hips.


It is ideal for girls with aspen or a waist close to it. A tight-fitting outfit with a fluffy skirt can unobtrusively emphasize the refined lines of a female figure. At the same time, options with open shoulders will effectively highlight the neck area, an asymmetrical bodice with one strap will adorn a chic bust, and a corset will make your figure slimmer.


It is an outfit with a tight bust and a fluffy and long skirt. Often there are models with a multilayer skirt, where there is a high-quality decorative design in the form of rhinestones or jewelry. Also considered popular is the option with a crinoline – a skirt on the frame. These dresses are ideal for weddings, social events, or business dinners.


It is a style of outfits, the history of which goes back to Ancient Greece. The name is translated from French as “imperial.” The dress, which is simple in appearance, attracts the special attention of others due to the light drapery in the skirt and chest area. The main advantage of the style is its ability to hide excessive fullness or other minor defects in the figure due to the presence of folds.

Choosing an Evening Dress According to Your Figure

To create the perfect look, it is always important that the clothes fit well and not look ridiculous on you. Here is how to choose an evening dress depending on your figure.

For the Hourglass Figure

Ideal body proportions – when you have a wasp waist, and the volumes of the chest and hips are the same. Almost any dress will look gorgeous on you. You can safely experiment with styles and styles, but always remember to maintain balance in the silhouette of an evening dress because it can be easily broken even for you. Of course, having such a figure, it is simply a sin not to show it to others – the ideal dresses for you will be the styles of the year, the mermaid, and the case.

For a Pear Figure

If your figure is relatively narrow shoulders, wide hips, and a tummy, you need to balance your silhouette with a fairly chunky top. It can be all kinds of ruffles, flounces, frills, and bright decor. Draperies and any bulky elements in the abdomen and thighs should be avoided by all means.

For a Triangle Shape

If you are the owner of a lush bust and narrow hips, Empire-style dresses are ideal. With their help, you will emphasize the chest – the main advantage of your figure, and, of course, hide the flaws – narrow hips.

For the Apple Shape

If the largest volume in your figure is the waist, you are the owner of a globular apple shape. The primary function of an evening dress in your case is to visually make your figure slimmer, which can be achieved with the help of vertical patterns or trimmings.

Correct Dress Length

As for the length of evening dresses, there are several well-established rules:

  • Long, as well as a floor-length dress, are suitable for slender girls of medium and tall stature;
  • Maxi visually increases height and is considered the best option for overweight ladies;
  • Until the middle of the gastrocnemius muscle – this is the choice of short fashionistas;
  • Short outfits look best on the owners of beautiful slender legs.

For color, you can opt for a dress that blends perfectly with the event’s theme or saturated shades of brightness. If you feel comfortable, confident, and attractive in your chosen outfit, you will be able to convince everyone around you.

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