Cleaning the apartment after the dead: what solutions does the death scene cleanup service offer?

In rooms where a sick or deceased person has been staying for some time, there is usually a specific smell, which is called “cadaverous.” The fact is that after the death of a person, their body begins to undergo a process of decomposition and produce chemical secretions, which create an unpleasant odor. After a while, the bacteria start accelerating the decomposition process, and after a few hours, the unpleasant odor spreads to the entire room. Gradually, after a day or two, the smell becomes very strong and especially unpleasant.

Why is it necessary to turn to specialists offering death scene cleanup service?

Getting rid of the nauseating odor is not as easy as it seems. As you might guess, traditional cleaning procedures like regular washing the floor or airing the room will not help because you need to eliminate the very source of the smell. This requires special cleaning products and professional equipment. That’s why it is better to turn to specialists providing death scene cleanup service for comprehensive elimination of odor.

Cleaning the room in which a person died is a specific activity that requires an integrated approach. Death scene cleanup service does the job with high quality and guarantees the elimination of the consequences of decomposition. Ordering the services of such services, you’ll make sure that you’ll be safe living in the apartment and nothing will threaten your health. Very often, the death of a person is caused by a serious illness. Many diseases are infectious in nature, so sanitizing the premises is an indispensable measure.

What does the job of a death scene cleanup service involve?

Stage 1. Disinfection of the premises

First of all, it’s necessary to carry out thorough disinfection of all rooms in the apartment. In the case of putrid odor, this is the most important part of cleaning. All furniture, all surfaces, and objects in the room are treated with special products that eliminate harmful bacteria and kill unpleasant odors.

Death scene cleanup service employees start cleaning by examining the specific place where the deceased was located, such as furniture, floor, carpets, etc. Specialists are looking for various cracks and slots into which liquid could get and dismantle the coating for further disposal. All items (clothing, carpets, curtains, soft toys) that have managed to absorb the smell of decomposition are sent to dry cleaning. If the situation is very bad and the items cannot be cleaned and restored, they are burned or recycled.

Stage 2. Cleaning the premises

The staff of the death scene cleanup service is made up of carefully selected employees who will responsibly approach the fulfillment of their task and quickly clean accumulated debris and dirt. The company owns all the necessary inventory for high-quality cleaning using modern cleaning products and advanced equipment.

Stage 3. Getting rid of the putrid smell

It is important to remember that the “smell of death” can only be removed with the help of dry fog. Dry fog is smoke that enters all parts of the room. It can eliminate the unpleasant odor that has entered the pores of the surfaces.

Remember that all stages of work are very important and without them it will not be possible to achieve a great cleaning result and remove the putrid smell.

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