Clothing Brands are Making Innovative Use of Fashion Product Mannequins

For so many years, fashion product mannequins or clothing mannequin have been used to display the products in retail stores. Typically, the new arrivals or the most attractive items are pushed to store visitors this way. Whenever a new product or new products arrive in a new season, stores want to promote them to the customers. Use of mannequin has so long been a proven method in promoting the new arrivals to visitors as it showcases the items right at the store front. Whenever anyone comes to the store, they see several mannequins positioned in a way that not only make the store floor attractive but at the same time, catches buyer’s attention. Now, businesses are making innovative use of these same mannequins by utilizing ghost mannequin service that is offered by clipping path service providers.

What kind of mannequin is needed?

There are wide varieties of fashion mannequins. Depending on the clothing item, different mannequin is selected. For example, to display adult female tops, female full body mannequin is used. To display the bottom only for female clothing items, bottom only mannequins are also available. Same goes for male products and children’s products. Specialty mannequins are also available depending on the requirements. And if there is no mannequin available to suit the business needs, there are custom mannequin maker that can make any type of mannequin you need for a very reasonable cost. Using authentic services and directories, you choose your mannequins makers to avail such services at the specifications you desire.

When it comes to working with clipping path service provider for your ghost mannequin service, it can be a little different story. there are invisible mannequins that are available for these purposes. Some photographers are using those invisible mannequins that only displays the product and not the mannequin arms or head etc. The whole purpose of ghost mannequin service is to create a ghost looking image for the clothing product. While it seems like a fantastic idea that the image is ghost looking to begin with by using an invisible mannequin for photoshoot, some editing is still needed to give it a professional look. So going through all the hoops of dressing the invisible mannequin and still having to edit the images is not cost efficient. Best way to do it is to dress the regular clothing mannequins and hand over the images to the clipping path service providers.

Need of A Commercial Product Photographer

While any photographer can perform a photoshoot, there are wide range of photographers out there.  If you need a wedding photographer, you hire a photographer that is specialized in shooting wedding events. Yes, a commercial photographer can shoot wedding photography. So can my twelve-year-old nephew with his iPhone. But if you need professional photography, you better hire the right type of professional for it. Commercial photographers are specialized in shooting commercial products and they know how to shoot them best. So, when you hire a photographer for your clothing product photography, you better hire a product photographer with proven track record if you want to get the best outcome.

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