Could Machine Learning Bring A More Natural And Humble Voice to Commercials?

The advertising world is constantly evolving. AI and influencer markets have changed the way customers communicate with brands. Companies also take advantage of better analytics to check their advertising. Many advertising firms have been capitalizing on huge amounts of data and offering AI-based commercial and advertising campaigns. It applies to audience targeting, customization, media buying, etc.

In the past, the deep fake voices created a bad reputation for their use in promotional calls and internet trickery. But, the recent breakthroughs in AI, ML, and deep learning has made it possible for companies to replicate a more natural and humble human voice. These voices pause, breathe and do all like real humans. They change their emotion and style, making it tough for anyone to differentiate.

The AI voices are affordable, simple to work with, and scalable. Unlike a voiceover actor recording, synthetic voices can be updated with the script in real-time, opening better opportunities for customized advertising.

How to use AI voice for commercials?

Synthetic voices have been around for some time. Though Siri and Alexa sound like clunky robotic voices, realistic voice generators produce a sound more natural and humble.

ML and deep learning changed it. Voice developers don’t have to dictate the pacing, tonality, and pronunciation of the produced speech. Instead, all you need to do is copy-paste the text or highlight the text you want to convert in the realistic voice generator and choose the tonality, pitch, and speed of the audio. Select the male or female voice you need. Check the language you want to convert the text into and the different voices available. Look out for other customization options available. And click on convert. You will get the conversion in your desired voice, language, and tone in a few minutes.

Voices in commercials give your brand recognition. If you’re a Pizza Hut brand, you don’t want to sound like Domino’s. Hence, companies look for a natural and unique voice that can differentiate their brand from their competitors. And today creating synthetic voices customized for your brand doesn’t take more than pressing a button. What makes a voice humanlike is its emotions, inconsistencies, and ability to deliver one sentence in different styles as per the context. Using appropriate training and ML models, companies get the exact same result.

The machine learning text-to-speech conversion helps companies produce hundreds of hours of audio within no time in a more natural and humble voice for their advertisements and commercials. is your one-stop solution when talking about a realistic voice generator. It allows ad producers to produce advertisement audios with different emotions they want. You can also pick from the wide range of voice collections available and select your unique voice. The voice samples are expressive and creative and will match your ad concept. So, without wasting a moment, pick the voice that best goes with your commercial and develop a whopping commercial, customizable and easy-to-update

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