Deposit bonuses at casinos: What are they?

There’s only one thing more exciting than playing your favourite casino game at KingCasino, and that is knowing that you’re getting more value for money due to a deposit bonus! What exactly is a deposit bonus, and are there different types? We’re going to answer both of these questions throughout this article – read on to find out more!

What are Deposit Bonuses?

Deposit bonuses are essentially casino offers that give you some form of bonus in exchange for depositing some cash. There are various types of deposit bonuses, and these include:

          Sign-up Deposit Bonuses

          Referral Deposit Bonuses

          VIP Deposit Bonuses

You’ve probably come across the most common of these a million times – sign-up deposit bonuses. This is when a casino will give you a bonus for signing up and depositing some cash to play their games. For example, this may come in the form of a matched bonus. Sign up to a new website, deposit £10, and you are provided with a total of £20 to play with! Free money? Sounds good to us! You can also make use of deposit bonuses without having to spend any cash yourself – simply invite your friend to join a site and deposit their own cash, and both of you will receive a bonus! Could it get any better than that? Yes! The ultimate deposit bonuses are given to the VIP ‘high rollers’. If you’ve spent a lot of time and cash playing with a particular site or game, it’s very likely that you’ll be given this status and thus applicable for a whole range of deposit offers that no one else has access to. Talk about special treatment eh?!

So what’s the catch?

When it comes to deposit bonuses, there really doesn’t need to be a catch. This is due to the fact that you are not the only one benefitting from the offer – casinos also love giving out deposit bonuses. There are various reasons for this, including:

          Helps casinos compete in a highly saturated market

          Encourages regular players to continue playing at a site

          Encourage new sign-ups

Ultimately, deposit offers are a way of competing – you’ve probably seen that there are new casinos popping up daily offering bonuses such as these. If a casino doesn’t do its bit to offer deposit bonuses, it’s certainly not going to survive in the casino industry in 2021!

Deposit Bonuses – Gotta Love ‘Em

In conclusion, deposit bonuses are ultimately deals offered to gamblers which will often double or even triple their spending money simply by putting down a deposit. It allows us to get more bang for our buck and try out some games that we perhaps wouldn’t otherwise, whilst helping the casinos survive in the highly competitive market. Ultimately it’s a win-win – 2020 had more deposit offered than we’ve ever seen before, and we don’t see why 2021 would be any different. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember these offers next time you go to deposit some cash to your favourite site!

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