Developer Performance Reviews: Optimizing Reviews with the Right Data and Reasonable Frequency

As a development team manager, summarizing developer performance, giving personalized advice, and getting the facts to support it isn’t a simple task. To accurately understand how your development team is working, progressing, and feeling, you need to have data. Data offers more objective insights into the activity of workers than a human could collect. Click here to learn more about how GIT statistics and data can help you when establishing an annual review process. Also, keep reading to know more about the importance of developer performance reviews:

Importance of Developer Performance Reviews 

Regular performance reviews targeted at software developers can help solve some major problems teams might be dealing with. These problems include poor team performance, high turnover rates, developer burnout, and poor communication. When you conduct regular performance reviews, you get insights into the performance of your team as well as the progress, weaknesses, and strengths of every member. Companies should also pay attention when hiring developers as they need to be highly skilled and to also have a strong work ethic

Using Data for Setting Goals 

To track the progress of your developers automatically, use Git Analytics tools that aggregate historical data and send this information back to the team manager in minute detail. With this data, you can clearly see if an engineer is underworked or over capacity. Also, you can see the kinds of projects they are great at. If you notice backlogs of tasks, the manager may not be delegating them properly. So, you may have to monitor and divide the responsibilities of the team more efficiently.

After you determine the targets to set, use analytics tools for making automatic targets for every engineer. Thus, you will get regular updates on the progress of the engineer using indicators from the code repository. 

How Often Should You Review Your Team’s Performance?

Once you have figured out the what’s, it is time to determine how you schedule the performance reviews. Your main reference point is the software development life cycle because it offers an excellent baseline and a reminder to keep reviews regular. Also, reviews must conform to a schedule your developers are familiar with. 

But you should also consider the needs, progress, and needs of every employee. This means that you may need to be proactive and start a review whenever you a developer needs feedback. Similarly, you must be open to the evaluation requests of your developers. To guarantee a correct balance, you should allow for flexibility in making performance reviews including a three-month review, a 6-month performance review, in addition to annual performance reviews.  

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