Different 3D visualizations

We are happy to help with different types of 3D visualizations. With a 3D laser scan can quickly scan buildings and complexes. When a complex needs to be renovated, a 3D scan forms the basis for the renovation process. The realistic and meticulously developed 3D floor plans can be quickly and easily adapted to the wishes of the customer.

In addition to 3D scans and 3D floor plans, you can also contact designers for architectural artist impressions & project visualizations. Do you have other architectural issues where you need professional help? We like to think along!

Have 3D visualizations made?

A 3D visualization is the perfect solution to bring your plans to life. By means of photo-realistic images of the project yet to be realized, you can convince your customers of the end result. This technology can help you create 3D visualizations of houses, residences, hotels and other complexes.


The 3D visualizations always give you perfect insight into the possibilities of a home. It does not matter whether the house has yet to be built or is completely worn out. All visualizations are delivered in print quality as standard. If you need a higher quality, that is of course possible. Designers set up the visualizations in an appropriate manner in consultation with you. A classic home requires a different furnishing to a modern starter home.


Designers have been making attractive 3D visualizations for the real estate sector for years. Due to the architectural background and spatial experience, experts can easily respond to every stage of the design process. Whether it concerns the visualization of a concept from a single sketch or professional artist impressions of a final design.


Potential buyers of new homes want to know what their future home will look like. Flat drawings are often difficult for them to read and they cannot form an image. Good 3D visualization is therefore very important in the sales process. The impressions give a very realistic picture and especially show the strong points of the design. Connecting with the target group ensures a high commercial value.


Due to the often capricious nature of design processes and sales processes, experts are geared to working with short deadlines and have a large degree of flexibility. Feedback takes place via the website, so that several partners (developer, architect, urban planner, etc.) in the project can be consulted while making the 3D impressions. They also keep you informed of the progress through a number of fixed feedback moments and you can see whether your design has been translated correctly by us.


3D visualizations can be created in a number of ways, and can advise you on the best shape for your situation. The visualizations can be built up completely digitally or combined with good photography. You can think of a photo montage in which the new building is projected into the existing situation. For this, even aerial photos can be taken from an airplane, special balloon or telescope car.

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