Discover the Perfect Shipping Boxes with Our Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Solutions

Businesses nowadays invest in their shipping boxes, and rightfully so. Your shipping box is the last impression you make on your customer before they lift the veil and review the contents inside. Thus, your boxes for shipping should be sturdy, reflect the brand’s image, and safely deliver the products to the recipient. When it comes to packaging, corrugated boxes are the top choice.

Why? Let’s find out.

This article will discuss the manufacturing process of corrugated boxes for shipping and its advantages for businesses.

What Are Corrugated Boxes?

A corrugated box is paper-based, available in varying strengths, and typically used for shipping. Corrugated boxes generally comprise three fiberboard layers; two outer layers, called liners, and one middle layer, called medium. The outer layers are flat, whereas the middle layer is wavy.

These waves are known as flutes and help determine the thickness and strength of the corrugated boxes for shipping. Common flute sizes include flute A (33 flutes), flute B (47 flutes), flute C (39 flutes), flute E (90 flutes), and flute F (125 flutes). Among these, flute C is most commonly used for shipping boxes.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

Now that we have a general idea about the construction and types of corrugated boxes for shipping, let’s discuss their advantages and why they are necessary for businesses to achieve sustainability.

They Are Recyclable

One of the major advantages of corrugated shipping boxes is they are made of recycled content, such as newspapers and cartons. Thus, they can be recycled and reused for multiple purposes.

Moreover, most manufacturers like Bxery don’t use bleaches and dyes, which makes them a sustainable option as well and helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

They Are Cost-Effective

Aside from sustainability, corrugated boxes for shipping are also easy on the pocket. They are cost-effective and made from inexpensive materials. Moreover, no high labor costs or advanced machinery is required for manufacturing. This means the production of these boxes is beneficial for both customers and companies.

They Are Customizable

Corrugated boxes are available in multiple types and styles; most can be dyed and bleached to align with your brand colors. Moreover, businesses can also print their logos, slogans, or other messages without increasing the overall cost. If you deal with products with a unique design or shape, you can customize the size and style by hiring a corrugated box manufacturer.

They Are Durable

Despite the recycled content and the inexpensive labor and manufacturing costs, corrugated boxes are highly reliable and durable. They offer maximum protection and are available in multiple types and sizes, so you can easily find the ideal fit. Remember, carefully measure your product and then choose a corrugated box size and strength accordingly.


Corrugated boxes for shipping are the ideal choice for businesses that deal with multiple products and are looking for a cost-effective packaging option. Corrugated boxes are cost-effective, durable, sustainable, and customizable.

You can buy standard box sizes or choose a manufacturer like The Boxery to customize the size and color to beautifully portray your brand image and message.

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