Do you have More Friends/ Family Members And Want To Travel In a Single Car?

This is the problem many tourists face when they have with their family members or with friends. So in this article, we will show you those rental cars in which the 7 passengers can fit comfortably. So Rent A Car Abu Dhabi and choose your favorite car.

When you have up to 7 members the following cars will be best for you.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2021

When you are 7 people the best available option for you in Abu Dhabi is Mitsubishi Xpander 2021 rental car. This is 4 doors car and can fit 7 people easily with 4 medium-sized bags. You can rent this car for a minimum of 6 days and the monthly rental price of this car is up to AED 2499 with security fees of AED 1500.

In one month you can drive this car for a limited distance of 5000 km. If you cross this limit you will pay extra charges for that which is 0.5 AED per km. This car is available in multiple colors you can choose your favorite one, the accessible colors are Red, Black, Brown, White, Silver, and Gray.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2020

The capacity of passengers in Mitsubishi Pajero is 7 people with 2 medium-sized bags. The minimum rental period of this car is 3 days and the monthly rental price is up to AED 2999 with security fees of AED 1500 which is refundable. The distance limit is the same as Mitsubishi Xpander 2021. This SUV car is available in white color.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2019

This rental car is available for you in case of 7 people. This car contains 4 doors, and also the extra space for 4 medium-size bags available. The monthly package is up to AED 2899 with a maximum distance of 5000 km.

The interior of Mitsubishi Montero Sport is best, especially when we talk about the seats which are fabric seats and very comfortable. Apart from this, this car also contains the reverse camera and the most important GPS due to which you will easily travel in Abu Dhabi.

There are three beautiful colors available which are Black, White, and Gray. There are some extra charges one when you cross the distance limit you will pay AED 0.5 per km and the second is the toll charges also called Salik which is AED 5 per toll. This car is available at Rent A Car Abu Dhabi.

Toyota Rush 2020

This car is made for 7 passengers and 3 medium size bags, you can easily access this car in Abu Dhabi. You can book this car for a minimum period of 3 days and also available for one month. The monthly package of this car is up to AED 2400, with additional AED 1500 security fees which are refundable.

You cannot run this car unlimited there is a distance limit of 5000 km in one month if you cross this limit you will need to pay extra charges of 0.5 AED per kilometer. Apart from this you also need to pay toll charges that are AED 5 per toll.

Lincoln Navigator 2018

This car is available for tourists with 7 people and 4 medium size bags capacity. The minimum rental period of this car is 1 day and the rental price per day is AED 1050 with a 250 km distance limit. While the weekly rental price is AED 7000 with a 1750 km distance limit.

The security fee of Lincoln Navigator 2018 is AED 3500 which is refundable. The extra charges you will pay in two situations one when you cross the distance limit, in this case, you will pay AED 10 per km, and secondly is the toll charges which is AED 5 per toll.

Apart from these, Rent A Car Abu Dhabi offers you a lot of discountable cars.

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