Driving Sustainability In Business – 5 Ways

Sustainability seeks to achieve harmony with respect to operating businesses in such a way that we create a balance between running the business profitably without harming the environment.

Essentially, only taking what we need from it. If you’re looking for an answer to what is sustainability in business, here are five methods you can incorporate to move further towards that goal.

Classify your business as a sustainable business

By making such a classification, you are sending a message to both the company and its clients that you are taking steps to integrate sustainable business practices into your operations. Start at the top with initiatives that will move down through the ranks so everyone knows the part they’re supposed to play. It’s a team effort so you want everyone working together. for you to indicate the sustainability of your business, you should have a sustainability indicator so you may be able to identify if you have maintained the sustainability of your business or not.

Reduce the company’s carbon footprint

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint can be quite simple on the surface. Instituting carpools, telecommuting, expensing bus or train rides, and setting up recycling are all simple ways to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Form a team that will manage sustainability projects

Depending on the size of the company it might be difficult to get everyone on the same page, especially if there are many different departments. Having a head team with sustainability in mind can help to spearhead projects and implement new ideas while being able to conveniently let other employees see how things are going down.

It could be something you might want to delegate to already existing project leads and managers, and simply add this to their responsibilities. Or you might want to create a whole new team just for this purpose.

Donate unused equipment

Supposing your company uses a lot of resources, you might have some overstock of things that aren’t currently in use, and wouldn’t really be viable to use as replacements in your current business model. Given this, why not donate those resources to spread the love? Partnering businesses might be able to make use of them and that’s much better than them collecting dust in an old storage room.

See if there are any businesses around that could use your older, unused equipment. As long as it’s all in good working order, they will not mind and will be more than happy to take it off your hands.

Establish partnerships and do business with other sustainable businesses

Take a look at where you are getting your supplies. Your office staples, your water, your computers, and other necessary tech. Are those businesses also incorporating sustainability? Patronizing such businesses will increase the spread of sustainability by working together and sharing the responsibility. The companies you already do business with may have some sustainability projects that you’re not aware of, so learning this will further strengthen the bond between your companies.

“Although adaptable, sustainability in business has one common thread: it offers every organization and professional the chance to create long-term value and make an impact that matters.” – via GetSmarter. Working together and making a difference for a better tomorrow is great business sense.

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