Dust filtration for air conditioning is more convenient or better circulated and, of course, cleaner air.

Your country for sure. It is a tropical country with a tropical climate, especially in the summer of every year when the sunlight is quite strong. And the wind that blows is all hot. Therefore, the electrical equipment you can see in every home is inevitable, fan, which currently has many forms. Floor fans, table fans, tower fans, evaporative fans, or wall fans can also help cool you down a bit. But in some areas, just the fan alone can’t help.

Therefore, air conditioning is a better choice. At present, there are many air conditioners used in homes, offices, or small air conditioners such as mobile air conditioners, mosquito nets, and other types of air conditioners. All types of air conditioners can cool you. But did you know that by running the air conditioner every day without any maintenance or cleaning? Inside of the machine and especially where air filter. There will be a large accumulation of dust and various diseases. Make the air conditioner work harder, consume more power, and most importantly, the air that is released will contain dust and disease .and cleaning it What can they help you with? Search for Air duct cleaning near me.

What do you get… from cleaning air conditioner pipes?

You will get more than you know.

  • This is to reduce indoor air pollution. Is dust removal bacteria and fungi that accumulate in the air ducts make building occupants healthier, safer, and more comfortable.
  • Making the air conditioning system have a better air delivery can be checked by measuring the wind speed before and after work. Make the building save more electricity.
  • Helps prolong the service life of AHU air conditioners due to the air ducts better air transmission. Air duct cleaning austin also uses high-quality AHU cleaner. Do not destroy the fin-coiled air, helping maintain your AHU for a long time.
  • It’s a good show of conscience. Care for the environmental health of people living in the building and help the nation save energy.

Scope of cleaning air ducts

protect customer operations area Use an umbrella cloth to prevent dust. The plastic cloth covering the walkway and equipment placement

  1. Clean the air supply mask and return mask.
  2. Clean the supply duct and return duct, mains, and branches.
  3. Clean the Chimney sweep with a cleaning brush.
  4. Ozone in the air ducts to destroy mold and bacteria.
  5. Clean air conditioners that supply cold air. (Clean the blower, filter, cooling coil) with an air cleaner that does not contain caustic soda. and spraying disinfectant on the cooling coil
  6. Measure air velocity from air conditioners before and after cleaning.
  7. Clean the work area properly. and dispose of the rubbish
  8. Prepare reports for customers, including comparative images. Before-After, operation picture, wind speed measurement results, and video from the robot camera
  9. Issue Air duct cleaning certification to customers.

Benefits of cleaning coils

Why is it essential to maintain an air conditioner coil? Both indoor and outdoor coils are made of metals such as copper, iron, or aluminum. Due to the heat resistance of those metals, The heat conductivity of those metals is impaired without proper maintenance. Here are some benefits of cleaning coils.

  • Increase heat transfer efficiency as mentioned above, the function of the coil is to absorb heat and cool it so that the air conditioner performs its best. Heat conduction will be less efficient. If there are dirt and stains that come around the coil
  • Cost-effectively increase energy efficiency, dust, dirt, and stains around the coils of electrically insulated air conditioners. That makes the coil more challenging to absorb heat. The air conditioner works harder to cool the air, and its efficiency decreases as it works harder to achieve the same cooling effect.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion. Coil components are metallic, which, when exposed to humidity and chemicals from the surrounding air, cause corrosion of the coil in the air conditioner. Usually, cleaning the coil will prevent rust and corrosion. This will significantly reduce the replacement of spare parts.
  • Reduce the chance of system failures A dirty coil will cause the air conditioner to freeze around the evaporator coil, which will cause it to operate at higher temperatures. However, dust Corrosion and lower dehumidification performance can also result in a complete system failure of the air conditioner.
  • Reduce costs. Cleaning the coils keeps the system running at peak efficiency and without energy consumption. You will pay less for electricity. Moreover, good maintenance will reduce the replacement of various parts. Extend the service life of the air conditioner saves you money in the long run.

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