Effective Ways to Advertise Movies Using Infographics

Visuals are very enticing to us as humans. This manifests itself in a variety of ways in our daily lives. A visual component can decide if a movie will be watched instead of just reading the book it’s based on. And notice how you would always stop at every picture when scanning a book? That just goes to show that most people would appreciate visuals more than texts. In fact,  there’s a tremendous increase in people using infographics to deliver a strong message.

The question is: what is an infographic?

It is a visual depiction of facts and information that is useful for presenting facts and explaining complicated situations in a way that leads to a better comprehension.  What’s great about infographics is that they integrate aspects of a text, pictures, charts, diagrams, and, more recently, videos too.

And when it comes to aesthetic appeal, infographics will not disappoint. Important information are grouped and presented in such a manner that is easier to read and digest. You can be assured that your message gets to your target audience. That’s why when it comes to digital marketing, infographics are the way to go! 

You can use it to advertise your products and services from different industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even the movie industry. Because our brains process visuals faster than texts, infographics are such a great way to advertise movies as well. What’s more? You can totally go digital too and no need to print your materials out. You can use a portable monitor, desktops, tablets, or laptops to show the infographics about the movie you’re advertising. Advertising movies through infographics is very effective only if you know how to use it.

How to use infographics to advertise movies?

To effectively advertise a movie with infographics you must know how to create an effective one.  You must know the important elements to consider before starting one. With so much information relating to the movie, your infographic might get cluttered. 

Luckily, I have here the ways on how you can avoid that. Let’s get right into it in detail! 

1. Create simple infographics

Simplicity is beauty. Infographics that are simple and direct to the point are easily understood. Remember, an infographic contains a combination of many elements like text, pictures, graphs, and more, so make sure you create a layout without going overboard. They’re great for conveying information about a service, statistics about a company, or movies. 

Having a simple infographic can help advertise a movie and allow viewers to get to the important gist without giving away everything –– still leaving the exciting parts they’re gonna have to watch on the big screen. Least to say, the infographics should also be entertaining.

2. Outline the goals of the infographic

What is its purpose? That is the most crucial question you should address when creating an infographic.

In addition, you must outline the infographic’s goals. Do you want to add some movie content? Or maybe you’d like to increase your visibility percentage? Whatever your objectives are, they must be written down before you begin creating one.

3. Choose the infographic type

Depending on the movie you’re advertising, you can then determine the type of infographics to make. For example, to better convey the plot of a movie, you use pictures more than texts, or a combination of pictures and objects. Perhaps you can incorporate graphs into your infographics too.

Some infographics are better for displaying statistics, while others are better for highlighting text and visual information. Consider the information you want to collect and how you can present it so that your persona can get the most out of it.

For your reference: statistics (centered on figures), timeline (shows development over time), geography (focused on maps), comparative (shows the difference between many pieces of information), and lists are some of the types of infographics available (a series of smaller pieces of information). Depending on the content of the movie, you can determine the type of elements that might be appropriate.

4. Design the infographic

To design the infographic, knowing how to visualize data correctly and ensuring that the audience understands it is just as crucial as obtaining it.

When it comes to data visualization, it’s all about employing graphical resources to disclose the message you want to get over to your audience. Tables, charts, and timelines are just a few examples of items that might help you get the message across. These can help make the movie infographics pleasing. Therefore customers are more likely to view such infographics.

The design strategies used in the production process are quite important since the infographic is a material that values visual components. It’s crucial to have a layout that’s both appealing and capable of showcasing the most important information. 

On the other hand, the usage of colors plays a very important role in creating an infographic. They aid in the highlighting of elements, the separation of information, and the navigation of the user through the material.

It’s also important to look at it from the audience’s perspective. Moreso, it’s also critical for infographics to be device-friendly because you’ll never know from which device consumers are going to watch your infographics from. 

5. Advertise the infographic

Gone are the days when marketing materials should be printed out and physically handed out to consumers. Make use of the digital platforms — social media is one great avenue for digital marketing. Since most people already have a digital footprint you’ll be surprised how easy it is to grab people’s attention and explain why they should watch the movie through these social media platforms.

You may, for example, disseminate little portions of the information on social media to pique the persona’s interest. Instagram is a wonderful platform for this: segregate significant pieces of the information and post them in your feed or on your stories. Use your other material to point the persona toward the infographic. For example, you may write blog entries about the movie in the infographic

6. Promote it offline

Offline marketing is generally overlooked unless it serves a specific goal, such as advertising an event using printed posters. However, it is still a fantastic tool to advertise. There are several methods for bridging the online and offline marketing divide. Take, for example, you can employ QR codes to advertise their infographics, and when customers scan them, they are sent to the infographic.

Also, you can run your infographics on a portable computer monitor and leave it stationed in a place where there’s high foot traffic. For sure, there will be a handful of curious eyes who will look at it.

7. Share with online communities

Communities are an excellent way to share your movie infographic with a large group of people who share a common interest (or sets of interests).

One example is a large number of LinkedIn and Facebook groups dedicated to various businesses and topics such as social media, content marketing, design, visual communication, and so on. 


An infographic can transform any piece of material from dull to interesting. Visual material will never “go out of style” since people will always find it appealing. Infographics are extremely strong and may play a critical part in advertising movies. Creating infographics for movies and advertising them on the right channel can increase sales of such movies – maybe more than you would than conventional movie advertising.

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