Egyptian love spells

A lot of types of magic and esoteric teachings have ceased to exist, but Egyptian magic isn’t one of them. Magic practitioners and mystics have been trying to revive it for over two hundred years now, so many Egyptian love spells are available today. People who know how magic works wonder: Which forces do its spells engage? Isn’t it dangerous to reach out to ancient gods which (many of us have read ancient history books) are known to be quite aggressive and violent? Even though they never really punished anyone, they didn’t really help either. So will they be helpful today? In fact, this type of magic has acquired new egregors and these egregors are the forces reached out to with Egyptian love spells. These egregors help people not by sending signs or whispering the right answers, but by making their love spells effectives. However, they’re not as powerful as modern magic rituals, especially those cast by professional spellcasters. Nevertheless, they’re good for beginners. Today we’ll describe three such love spells: one cast on sand, one cast on a shadow, and one cast on a magic talisman.​

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The egyptian love spell

To cast an Egyptian love spell, go to a desert or seaside and get some sand. It should be white and clean. Sift it at home to remove stones, seashells, and other unwanted debris. Pour the sand on the altar. If you don’t know how to set up an altar, find an article about it on our blog. Make a wax figurine and name it after the person you’re in love with. Wrap it in film to keep it clean during and after the ritual. Move the sand aside, put the figurine in the middle of the altar, and say:

“Time’s running away. Days are flying away like clouds are moving by. One era ends and another one begins to end one day, too. But one thing is permanent. It’s my love. It’s as big as a sea. It’s as endless as the sky. It’s as immense as desert sand. You went to a desert and lost your way. But you didn’t get lost but found an oasis of my feelings. You felt tired and fell asleep. This is when the sand of my love captured you. It’s captured you for your sleep to never end. It’s captured you for you to never go away. It’s captured you for you to always enjoy the happiness and bliss I’m going to give you.”

After saying the spell, grab some sand and pour it over the figurine. If the sand doesn’t cover all of it, take the figurine out and repeat the ritual the next day. Keep performing the ritual until you manage to cover the whole figurine with a single handful of sand.

Leave it under the sand for one lunar month. Then take it out, remove the film and put the figurine on your picture. Leave it there as a talisman to protect your relationship which you’re about to get thanks to the spell you cast which is one of the most popular ancient Egyptian love spells.​


Ancient Egyptian love spells

The next Egyptian love spell is put on a scarab-shaped talisman. The talisman doesn’t have to be made of precious metals or be encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones, although the material matters. It’s just important that it’s produced at a workshop of a professional spellcaster who also charged it with magic.

Wear this talisman around your neck for two weeks without taking it off. Then put it on your picture. Bring the corners of the picture together to make a tube and tie it with a yellow woolen string. Leave it for three days. Wear the talisman for two weeks again, twice. Then give it to the person you love. It’s important that the target keeps it. The scarab-shaped talisman is activated at night when the target is asleep. The talisman will make the target fall in love with you which you will notice in about a week after giving the talisman to the target.

The egyptian binding spell

The last Egyptian binding spell is cast on a shadow. Move the bed to face the wall opposite to the window. When the moon is new, draw a triangle on the window. The drawing should be as big as your hand. Now paint it using any kind of washable paint. In the evening turn the light off and go to bed without closing the blinds. See if there is a shadow from the triangle on the wall.

If yes, lie down and whisper, with your eyes on the triangle:

“I’m talking to you, my guardians, my protectors, my teachers and my mentors, under the veil of the night when no one else can hear or see us. Please help me. Please give me strength to become the person (name) will love. Please fill me with love which never fades. Please give me wisdom and patience to be a perfect partner for (name). Please give me beauty, attractiveness and sexiness to make (name) want me more than anyone else. Please do it without anyone knowing. Please do it when I’m awake and asleep.”

Close your eyes and try to fall asleep.

Perform this ritual every night before going to bed. It can help you make amazing changes in your appearance, behavior and energy. With this ritual, you’ll become the perfect partner for any man and no man will be able to resist you. Just remember that no one but you should see the triangle on your window and its shade on the wall. If someone else sees either, the spell will be broken. Moreover, it’ll trigger a lot of other negative events which should be avoided by all means.

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