Elixir Edible Dust: The Colorful New Launch of Oh! Sweet Art

Oh! Sweet Art, a kitchen shop based on Palm Bay, launched Elixir Edible Dust, an edible glitter to decorate, embellish, and elevate any beverage, from beer, wine, champagne coffee, tea, juice, and kids drinks.

For only $8,98 and a few clicks, bartenders, chefs, cooks, restaurants, drink enthusiasts, and parents can choose from one of its variations, such as gold, orange, silver, and white pearl, among others.

With this product, Oh Sweet Art seeks to deliver a secure and magical ingredient for all kitchens and events. Moreover, Oh! Sweet Art promises to release new, dazzling products to keep helping restaurants, bars, bakeries, parents, and culinary enthusiasts reinvent their gastronomy.

Edible Glitter, an Invaluable Ally for Kitchens and Bars

The edible glitter is a tasteless ingredient meant to make drinks and soft beverages more attractive and sophisticated. Thus, providing a gleaming effect that captivates commensals of all ages.

Elixir Edible Dust has an imperceptible effect on the palate. In other words, it does not change the flavor of beverages nor leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

This product is not only for bartenders. Unlike other products, every adult can prepare a drink with edible glitter. It only takes a minimal sprinkle –not even five pounds– and two stirs in the recipient to create an exuberant drink.

Likewise, this product is perfect for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bread, and other preparations. It only takes a grain of this powder to color drinks, plates, and desserts. And as to coffees and teas, baristas can use it to provide hues and vividness to their figures.

But What Makes Elixir Edible Dust Different?

This product not only generates different hues in drinks and culinary specialties. It also offers high-security standards for consumers.

This product does not include artificial additives, animal ingredients, nor potentially dangerous chemicals. On the contrary, all its composition consists of natural and vegan extracts, such as silicates and other minerals, also known as mica-based products.

Elixir Edible Dust is composed of mica-based pearlescent pigments, safe, natural colorants used in cereal, confections, and supplement tablets, among other products.  According to the FDA, mica-based products are safe and approved for human consumption, whether in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, and desserts.

On the other hand, the ingredient is gluten-free and nut-free, which means celiac patients can consume it in drinks and meals with no risk.

Although this ingredient is merely decorative, the brand goes beyond and uses it as an instrument to safely incentive fun, creativity, playfulness, and imagination in the kitchen.

And the Oh! Sweet Art’s Repertoire Continues

Oh! Sweet Art is a kitchen shop that seeks to provide bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, and families with kitchen products online and offline, all with the highest standards of beauty and sophistication.

Magic, creativity, and variety are the company’s mission, scope, and essence. Under the motto “We are the difference between a piece and a masterpiece,” it aims to provide the sweetest service for restaurants, bars, and bakeries within and outside the U.S., delivering cheer and colorfulness to businesses and customers alike.

Besides Elixir Edible Dust, the company offers other glitters, cutters, and silicon molds for desserts, such as cupcakes, pastries, and cookies. The designs go from diamonds, animals, and flowers to famous characters and Disney figures.

With the launch of Elixir Edible Dust, Oh! Sweet Art plans to keep delivering a magic touch to the food industry, from business owners and culinary specialists to parents, children, and enthusiasts of the kitchen.

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