Enjoy your favorite fandom acted by the best cosplayers in Washington DC at AWESOME CON 2022.


If you are the fan of a particular character or a frictional series then you are welcome, because you have got a fandom. A fandom is commonly known as the subculture composed of fans which are characterized by the same feeling of empathy and camaraderie with a group of other persons who share the same interest. In order to visualize a particular fandom in real life you need to perform cosplay.  Cosplay is the performance art in which the highly talented participant’s dresses up in a particular costume and wear makeup’s representing their favorite character. In addition with that they try to create authentic costumes. We also know that the cosplayers also act in character and are usually they are expert on the subjected matter and the characters they are replicating.

Washington DC is the capital of the nations of the USA. It is the best place for gathering cosplayers around the USA. Every year cosplayers comes and gathers here at the event named AWESOME CON. Click On This TV captured the video footage and our hosts Al Sotto, Ali Dash and Mike the General Zod talk with the VIP speakers at AWESOME CON 2022. You can find those videos on Click On This TV – An Entertainment Press Show.  Some of the especial parts of those interviews are given bellow:

Kel Mitchell from Good Burger:

The popular actor Kel Mitchell was interviewed by Al Sotto at AWESOME CON 2022. The favorite fandom of Kel Mitchell is Spider Man and he loves lot of anime like Titans, old school Akira and last but not least transformers. His favorite cosplay is repairman. He wished he could work on Black Panther on camera around with dark horse comics. He acted on Mystery man where he played the role of invisible boy. So he believes he is already a superhero. He mentioned that a sequel for the good burger is coming soon.

Mellissa Jonehart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Our popular host Ali Dash interviewed Mellissa Jonehart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  According to Mellissa Jonehart she was having a great time on AWESOME CON 2022. She brought her aunties Caroline and Beth with her in the venue. She got re united her co-star Sean Astin from no good nick and Noah from stranger things at the AWESOME CON this year. She is interested in doing reboot on Clear Six Planes. She was the first female lead actress in a nickelodeon show. According to her the demographic was pretty wide.

Anthony Rapp from Star Trek Discovery:

Anthony Rapp from Star Trek Discovery was part of the interview of our Click On This TV – An Entertainment Press Show part 2. He was interviewed by our talented host Al Sotto. According to Anthony Rapp’s opinion it is like the true kind of arena for an actor being able to be in front of a live audience and with fellow artists on stage telling the story in real time is the ultimate challenge to make any artists skills better. He likes watching great performances on television. He mentioned that they are about to start 5th season of the Star Trek Discovery. According to Anthony Rapp the Star Trek is an ongoing legacy for him. He said that, on his eyes cosplay is a really meaningful way to be honored right by people.

Beth Broderick:

One of our VIP speakers Beth Broderick was interviewed by Mike the General Zod. She is most famously known to the people working on Sabrina the Teenage but along with that she has a vast career and she has accomplished a lot. She loves to meet people and she is very grateful for her fans. Acceding to her speech she liked her part as aunt Zelda at Sabrina the Teenage and she said that after reading the script she knew that it’s going to be a hit. She has done lots of indie movies in her career. She recently finished miniseries for HBO called love and death and a movie called one true love.


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