Ensure the proper functioning of the sewerage network now.

Sewer system maintenance is critical for many types of users. These clients are usually neighbourhood communities, companies, shops, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, public institutions, etc.

It is not only the maintenance of the pipes and the pipe network of the houses but also the specific maintenance of the public sewerage. If we do not carry out this maintenance, there can be unpleasant consequences. One of them can be the traffic jams of the public network, which generate foul odours and waste, with the health problems that this can cause.

Precisely, the longer the use time, the more necessary it will be to have a preventive plan for Cleaning and maintaining sanitation and sewerage networks. If you want to know more details, read on.


Through the critical concept of preventive maintenance, it is a question of carrying out periodic Cleaning in all network sections so that these jams never occur. To do this, you must ensure that the sewer is cleaned 2 or 3 times a year by ordering a sewer inspection. That fallen trees and other sediments located immediately at the entrance or exit of the sewer are eliminated.

  • The hydraulic capacity of the pipe.
  • Possible erosion problems.
  • Possible sedimentation problems.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Water infiltration, up and down.
  • Cracking of the pipe walls.
  • Possible problems of clogging of the sewer.

It should be remembered that infections are more widespread in those cities with inadequate or deficient sewerage. It consists of both those from domestic uses and industrial rainwater and infiltrations, thus guaranteeing the sanitation of populations and their environment.

The existence of sanitation networks brings with it the need for a maintenance service, understanding both Cleaning and the Repair and Inspection of it. With the advancement of technologies, new Cleaning, Inspection and preventive maintenance systems have been evolving and discovered.

Recommendations for Cleaning and maintenance of sanitation and sewerage networks

When this network begins to fail, as a consequence, you can find the discomfort of all kinds: foul odours, humidity and insect pests, and high rates of unhealthiness that endanger your health.

Although, for houses of little antiquity and with a newly installed sanitation system, it is advisable to clean them with a frequency of one to two times a year, depending on the size and complexity of the network.

But if you find yourselves living in an old building with a sewer network that has not been changed in a long time, the number of revisions has to be more significant, each of them much more thorough. Consequently, it is recommended to have cleaning and maintenance services for sanitation and sewerage networks from a trusted company.

How is sewer maintenance carried out?

The operation of the sewer network is based on gravity. Thanks to the effect of gravity, water circulates through the network to its final destination. For this, the pipes must have the correct slope.

Sometimes, in areas where it is not possible to achieve an adequate slope in the pipes and pipes of the sewer, it is necessary to implement other systems that guarantee a correct flow of water. This is the case with pumping stations and impulsion lines, which allow the water to be raised above the level of the pipe where it is flowing, thereby making it run correctly to the next collector.

For public administrations, companies, businesses and individuals, the maintenance contracts for these networks meet a series of needs in question. To carry out sewer maintenance by ordering a sewer inspection, they follow the following process:

  • Emptying of treatment plants and septic tanks.
  • Cleaning of maintenance holes and collectors.
  • Cleaning of gutters and drains.
  • Inspection of humidity and nasty odours that may lead to breaks or leaks in the pipes.
  • Repair of all those damages that may exist.

As for this process aimed at rainwater and wastewater, they must carry it out when there is a lower rainfall rate. That is, when there is less flow, to make revisions easier.

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