Eye care for life: natural ways to look after your eyes

We often take our eyes for granted. We think, “hey, I can see pretty well out of these things, and that’s all there is to it, right?” Well, not exactly, as there are heaps of natural ways you can care for your eyes and ward off potential vision problems in the future.

From eating healthy to quitting smoking, regular check ups at eye doctor in Malvern and shunning the screen, here are some tips for taking care of your eyes as they age with you.

  • Good health is eye health

Things like fatty foods, alcohol and smoking are all bad for your senses, especially the eyes. People who eat poorly, drink excessively and/or smoke regularly are at higher risk of vision problems, so it’s important to do the following if you want to maintain strong vision in the future:

  • Healthy diet: Foods rich in Vitamins A, C and E, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and lutein are all great for the eyes. Think foods like leafy veggies, non-meat proteins and fatty fish to give your eyes that much-needed nutrition rush.visit here to know more information : Pii-email
  • Workout: We all know working out is great for our overall health, and anything that is good for the overall health is great for our eyesight.
  • Quit the cigarettes: Cigarettes are full of toxins that are harmful to the optic nerves. Smoking greatly increases the risk of vision problems like cataracts and macular degeneration as it puts the eyes under oxidative stress. Best to give cigarettes a miss when it comes to maintaining healthy vision.
  • Sleep well: If possible, try and get a really good night’s rest as often as possible. Yes, some people are prone to sleeping difficulties which may require separate medical treatment, but many people are now shunning a good night’s rest for things like gaming and Netflix. Not only do these things keep you up, thus impeding on your vision the next day, but they also strain your eyes and can potentially cause headaches.
  • Protect your eyes

Maintaining strong eyesight as we get older is a two-tier job: practising healthy habits and protecting our eyes. Some tips to protect our eyes include:

  • Wearing sunnies: it may seem obvious, but many people still fail to wear sunglasses on days with a high UV index. The sun’s harsh UV rays are not only risky for the skin, but they can also damage our eyesight. Simply putting on that stylish, UVA/UVB protective pair of sunnies is a great way to protect your vision from the sun’s wrath. You have to know about the most importnat things called optometrist Toronto
  • Give your eyes a rest: Billions of humans around the world spend hours looking at screens each day. Whether for work or leisure, we have become programmed to look towards our phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, the list goes on. One of the best things you can do immediately to protect your eyes is to have a rest from your screen, whatever it may be… your eyes will feel more rested and your vision clearer after just a break of just a few minutes every hour or so. Look after your health.
  • Consult your eye doctor: We can do so much to protect our eyes, but it’s also a good idea to consult our specialist eye doctor in case we have any immediate vision concerns. Eye doctors are highly experienced and qualified, and an occasional check up could be the difference between strong and weaker vision in the future.

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