Factors to Consider Before Buying an Induction Cooker

An induction cooker utilizes electric current to heat cooking vessels directly. This article will focus on the various factors consumers and willing buyers need to consider before having one of these appliances in their homes.

Over the past few years, these cookers have become common in many kitchens worldwide, and this is due to their increased efficiency; Induction cookers minimize air pollution, decrease the chances of kitchen fires, and are faster as compared to cooking using gas or firewood.

We are going to look at what to consider before having one of these appliances in your kitchen:

Power rating

The power rating of induction cookers is measured in watts. Two thousand watts of power is suitable for most homes. The power rating is critical because it determines the cooking abilities of the appliance.

Therefore, ensure you purchase a cooker that will comfortably suit your cooking requirements, if not exceed them.

Number of cooking zones

Induction cooktops come in varying forms to provide tailor-made solutions. Some come with single cooking zones suitable for small families, and ones with multiple cooking zones meant for more prominent families.

Tastes and financial status also come in handy when settling on an induction cooker based on the various cooking zones. The ones with a single cooking zone are relatively cheaper.

Preset menu

This feature enables you to adjust the cooking temperature depending on the intended use. This feature ensures you operate at the proper temperatures when using this cooking device. The correct positioning and labeling of buttons should also be considered before purchase.

Pan Detection

This feature is not available in all cooktops and determines whether the induction cooker will operate. It automatically starts the cooktop when the pan is placed on top and stops the cooker when any inappropriate utensil is used. It serves to ensure safety.

Coil Quality

High-quality coils offer better performance. Always look for ones made from copper or aluminum. Low-quality coils will not only underperform but also risk easily catching fires and causing unimaginable damage.

Child Safety Feature

This feature is perfect for households with little kids whose curiosity is insatiable. A consumer of this product should ensure this feature is on to keep off children and others who might not know how to use an induction cooker effectively. This helps avoid unnecessary accidents.

Turning the safety feature on will make the power button work, but other buttons will not.


This is the most crucial factor to consider. Price determines the authenticity of the appliance you buy, the type, and the quality. An induction cooker price in Kenya is affordable, making it a most sought-after commodity.

Price keeps you tethered to your financial abilities, protecting you from making financial mistakes. In an instant where money is not an issue; the fee helps gauge the authenticity of the item aiding decision-making.


The longer the warranty period, the better; this will enable you easily access repair and replacement services whenever the need arises. Considering the warranty period protects the consumer’s interests.


This appliance’s downside is that it only uses electricity, which can translate to an expensive affair. So, having looked at almost everything to consider before owning this appliance, the ball remains in the consumer’s court.

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