Feeling anxious during Pregnancy? Here’s What to Do! 

Pregnant women who feel anxious most of the time should consult a psychologist. The specialist will help the individual to understand and accept the change. Additionally, the specialist will help the woman understand that they have an irrational fear, which will get better with time.

Women may feel overwhelmed and have a fear of physically changing during pregnancy. It can induce anxiety and affect the overall health of the woman. Therefore, it is essential to understand mental health and take the necessary steps to overcome the anxiety. It will allow the woman to have enhanced physical and psychological health and function adequately in every aspect of life.

Symptoms of Anxiety During Pregnancy

The indications of anxiety are:

  • The woman has no control over the body and future. The excessive worrying causes the woman to remain irritated.
  • The woman excessively worries about the health of the baby.
  • The woman is unable to concentrate on the task at hand
  • The sleeping pattern is unhealthy because of which the mother feels agitated at all times.
  • The woman has tensed muscles all the time.

If the caregivers do not notice these symptoms and the woman does not seek support and help, the symptoms may worsen, and the pregnant women may suffer from panic attacks. The symptoms of a panic attack are:

  • The woman experiencing excessive sweating has a feeling that she cannot breathe.
  • The mother has an irrational fear that something bad will happen to her child.
  • The woman feels that she cannot control herself and will go crazy.

Cause of Anxiousness During Pregnancy

The hormonal changes in the body can affect the levels of chemicals in the brain. Additionally, pregnancy is a life-changing event for the woman, the uncertainty of health and future can cause the woman to experience anxiety during the pregnancy.

Women at a Higher Risk of Feeling Anxious During Pregnancy

The factors that increase the likelihood of feeling anxious during pregnancy are:

  • The everyday stress regarding a career can cause a woman to remain anxious.
  • If there is a history of depression in the family, there is a higher chance that the woman will remain anxious throughout her pregnancy.
  • The previous trauma, such as miscarriage, can cause the woman to remain stressed about the health of the baby.
  • The use of illegal drugs can affect the mental health of the mother.

Coping With Anxiety

The tips that are proven beneficial in coping with anxiety include:

  • Talk to Your Partner: It is best to share your thoughts, insecurities, and feelings with your partner. It will help them talk about the future. A sense of contentment will keep the women calm and positive throughout the pregnancy.
  • Engage in Light Physical Activities: Physical activities release endorphins that help relieve stress. Yoga and a walk in the morning are beneficial for the physical and mental health of the mother.
  • Massage Therapy: If the mother cannot exercise or walk daily, massage therapy can help release endorphins and relax the tensed muscles. Additionally, abdominal deep breathing for twenty minutes a day can also help deal with anxiety.
  • Rest: Anxiety can cause distortion in the sleep pattern of the mother. It is necessary to sleep for eight hours daily to remain calm and maintain physical health.
  • Deal with Tokophobia: Tokophobia refers to the irrational fear of childbirth. It can cause anxiety and affect physical health. Therefore, the mother must empower herself and understand every stage of pregnancy. Signing up for a birth class can help reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Seek Professional Help: If the pregnant woman cannot deal with the anxiety and feels that it is causing hindrance in everyday tasks and maintaining her health, then it is best to talk to a therapist. Changing the thought pattern will help overcome anxiety.

The psychologist in Islamabad can help the woman learn relaxation techniques; to manage anxiety, and have a positive perspective towards life.

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