Firm Operation || How to Turn The Great Attrition to Your Advantage

Just how do you feel if your company had a greater retention rate? We’re not sure about yourself, but we can’t think of a single human resource executive we know who would refuse such an offer. Staff retention is, sans a hesitation, among the most difficult tasks that most human resource departments face.

The estimated yearly turnover rate, as per a LinkedIn survey, is around 11%. Factor in staff who’d have changed jobs during the pandemic but didn’t since they were afraid of losing their jobs, as well as workers who seek more pliability than their current boss can supply. All of these mounts up to a significant sum.

With that in mind, we are going to look at ways in which you can turn the great attrition to your advantage. Some are recognizable to you, while others may be unfamiliar, but all should assist you to motivate your finest staff to stay with you for the long haul. Let’s get into it!

What are the Reasons for Most Organization Attrition?

1. Failure to Understand Employees  

Most organizations do not understand the needs of their employees at all. For those in the manufacturing sectors for instance, may take very little to no notice of the changing morale of their employees, leading to them having more posts to fill either monthly or annually.

At times it may take a while for anyone to fully understand what each individual employee wants, the skills they would like to advance in their sectors and how well they need to be treated so that they can have a sense of belongingness.

Moreover, most organizations think that their employees are supposed to be given a balance between work, health and family. This is far from the reality.

2. Not Listening to Employees

In the traditional organization setup, most managers and supervisors rarely pay attention to their juniors. For instance, in any manufacturing firm, it is essential that they deal with well established and respected brands. However, not all brands offer quality, so, if an employee requests the managers to maybe contact a supplier who is good at gate valve manufacture and tech and they have interacted with them well, it means they are sure of the productivity. 

Failure to be viewed and listened to in such a scenario may leave them feeling unappreciated and would rather go where their skills and thoughts are respected and appreciated.

3. Transactional View of Employees

The era of paying employees through  meaningless bonuses is far from over. When the pandemic struck, most employees realised they can be able to work from home and be offered more choice when it comes to choosing the geographical location of their work.

As at mid 2021, most employees in all sectors of jobs, quit their jobs with no offers lined up, since they were being offered the freedom to choose how and what their work environment will be like. 

In a nutshell, workers want to be more than just a transactional process. Rather, they prefer being able to offer value and get to be involved.

What to do About the Attrition in Your Organization

Now that you are aware of what you are doing wrong, how do you correct this? How do you shift the attrition in your organization to be a major factor that attracts employees to it. Well, heer are a few ideas. 

1. Understand Your Employees Needs

It’s obvious that your employees have varied needs that you cannot understand from each of them. However, there are a few things pertaining to their contribution to the organization and how they want to be treated. 

Since most of them joined your organization to grow, do not treat them like dogs on the leash. Allow them to experiment with different ideas. This makes them feel a sense of belongingness. You can integrate an awareness day every week, to set and evaluate goals for them. At the same time, ensure that they take care of their health through routine checkups.

2. Disintegrate Your Traditional Managerial System

Now, as mentioned earlier, one of the major reasons people are quitting their jobs is being under managers that are frustrating them.Therefore, if your organization has those types of managers, you need to do something about it soo.

You do not necessarily mean that you need to file them. You can help them improve through seminars. If they prove adamant to change, then you are free to get ones that will work with your employees well.

3.Invest in Automation

This is a minute yet significant strategy you ought to value. Sometimes workers may feel overwhelmed with work and it can easily frustrate them and not motivate them to come to work. Make their lives easier by automating necessary processes, so that their workload may be reduced and also to avoid overdressing them. 

4.Hire Depending on Goals Rather the Qualifications

Yes! Yes! You got that right. The traditional procedure for hiring is based on qualifications, which is great. However, if you want to ensure that you get the best employees, change your takis to hiring through goal sets. 

The reason behind this is that, no matter how many skills a person has, their goals will tell you whether they will stay at your company longer, their flexibility to change and willingness to shaft mindsets depending on the challenge at hand. 

The Bottom Line

While you are looking to shift your firm’s attrition to an attraction, it wouldn’t harm if every once in a while, you appreciate them with gift hampers with simple items that they can utilize or use whenever they work. Best of luck!

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