Five Must-See Places In Trivandrum 700 Words (Blog PR Content)

If you are planning to move to Trivandrum then you should be aware of all the best spots in the place. Trivandrum is truly a beautiful place to live and grow, it is filled with lush green trees and serene beaches that can make your evening walks extra special.

Trivandrum, often known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the state capital of Kerala, India. It is situated on India’s west coast, bounded on one side by the Arabian Sea and on the other by the Western Ghats. Trivandrum is a city of significant cultural and historical value, as well as naturally beautiful, academic institutions, and tourist hotspots.

Each year so many people relocate to Trivandrum, hence you can find some amazing house shifting agencies in Trivandrum. If you are planning to move to this wonderful city then here are some of the places you cannot miss!

5 must-see places in Trivandrum:

Kovalam Beach 

Kovalam Beach is around 16 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram central train station and about 10 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram Airport Terminal. It features a lengthy shoreline with significant palms, a lighthouse, and clean waters, making it the main tourist destination in Trivandrum.

Light House Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach are separated by rocky projections along their 17-kilometer-long shoreline. These three beaches form the well-known semi-circular Kovalam Beach.

You can also enjoy the sunbathing, herbal toning massage, cultural programs, and so much more at Kovalam beach, but a friendly reminder do not forget your sunscreen!

Padhmanabhaswamy Temple

Whether you are a devotee or not, Padhmanabhaswamy temple will enrich you with its glory. Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the world’s richest temples. The temple, which is devoted to Lord Vishnu, is recognized for its beautiful architecture and elaborate carvings.

The temple goes from the eighth century and was restored in 1750 by Marthanda Varma, King of Travancore. The current gopuram’s foundation was established around 1566. Do not forget to follow the rich culture of this temple, men are required to wear a dhoti whereas women are expected to wear a saree!

Napier Musem and Zoo

This museum is established after Lord Napier, the administrator of Madras in the nineteenth century. The museum’s architecture was designed by the Madras Government’s consulting architect. It boasts a one-of-a-kind architectural style and design, including a miraculous roof and minarets with natural air cooling.

It contains rare historical and archaeological artifacts. This collection contains bronze and stone sculptures, wood and antique carvings, lamps, fabrics, life-size Kathakali characters, handicraft pieces, classical instruments, and other artifacts from various South Indian dynasties.

Poovar Island 

Poovar, a lovely village on Trivandrum’s southern coast, is a fishing community. It was once a commercial harbor for spices, wood, sandal, and ivory. The only way to get to Poovar Island is by boat. It is an unknown island surrounded by peaceful backwaters and the sea.

The area is rich in well-preserved local vegetation, beautiful flowers, and diverse bird species. Poovar beach has yellow sand and is popular with visitors seeking peace and quiet. The best time to visit Poovar Island is between October and February, enjoy to the fullest at this Island with exotic flora and fauna.

Shankhumugam Beach

Another beautiful beach in Trivandrum is Shankhumugam Beach, while Kovalam beach is known for its serenity and can often be crowded because of its popularity. Shankhumugam beach is known for its quiet and peaceful ambiance, you may often notice people just relaxing with their friends and family on a picnic enjoying the sunset while looking at the big mermaid monument.

If you have children then, they will also enjoy this beach as it has a children’s park nearby.


There are plenty of relocation companies in Trivandrum to help you relocate, they are friendly and will guide you through the city. Trivandrum is a very friendly city, you will automatically feel at home, people here are helpful and caring and you will make new friends in no time. We are sure these 5 spots will win your heart and will make you want to say in Trivandrum forever.

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