Five Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your Initial Consultation

If you are planning to file a divorce, you must understand things first. Unless you are a lawyer yourself, you may not have knowledge of what certain legal terms mean and what some actions imply. A divorce involves a lot of issues and the questions you ask your lawyer will help you understand their competence in Cheap Divorces in Alabama. When you consult with an attorney for the first time, here are questions you must ask:

Do You Specialize in Divorce?

You may come across a general family attorney who occasionally handles divorce cases. But, you want to work with an attorney who focuses on your type of family law case. A lawyer’s frequent exposure to this specific area ensures that they understand the rules and regulations governing divorce in Alabama. They know how to represent you and use the right legal strategy to ensure you get a favorable outcome from your divorce.

When Will Your Divorce Be Finalized?

Often, divorces have a significant impact on all parties involved. A divorce is an emotionally distressing event for your family and you may have to pore over documents to make certain decisions. By hiring a good divorce lawyer, you can settle matters quickly and effectively without dragging your case on.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

When you hire an attorney, you can choose between one who charges a cheap rate and one with a higher rate. Sometimes, cheap is not always bad but as long as you know what are you getting. No attorney can give you an exact amount you might have to spend on your divorce. But, your lawyer should be able to tell you the typical costs involved in the process. The cost usually depends on whether you want a contested or uncontested divorce. 

How Do I Pay You?

Some divorce attorneys will ask you to pay an initial retainer for your case’s duration while others charge by the hour. Make sure you pick a lawyer whose fee structure works for you. Having an idea of this aspect will let you budget for the money you will spend. A good attorney might be flexible in their charging system to help you plan accordingly. If the attorney brings people into your case, ask how much of your payment goes to them and what your attorney’s role is in the process. 

Do You Think My Case is Strong Enough?

When your divorce goes to court, you will not know how the judge will rule. An experienced lawyer can gauge the outcome and develop a strategy to ensure you are in the best position. For more information –

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