Five Sure-fire Tips to Buying Reef Shoes

Proper footwear is a must for any forms of physical activities especially outdoors, as it helps the person perform at their peak while giving them the right amount of protection.

Even when in the water, there is appropriate footwear one must wear. So, to think that any  shoe can be worn in the water, and think again. For those who love to go to the beach, stepping on a sharp rock when barefoot or slipping on a dock is common. However, these can be prevented if one wears reef shoes or water shoes.

It is safer and has better traction than the typical flip-flops worn in the water. It comes with a lightweight design made from flexible materials. It has rugged outsoles, which provides the perfect grip even on the most slippery surfaces.

With so many outdoor sports brands manufacturing reef shoes nowadays, it would be difficult for an average consumer to choose which one has the best features. Here are some tips to follow when buying a pair of reef shoes.

1. Make Sure it is Breathable

Reef shoes should be breathable, considering that they are used for hours on the beach. Although it is soaked in water, it does not mean that reef shoes should not provide breathability to the feet.

Thus, the best reef shoes or water shoes must be made from breathable materials such as mesh and rubber to allow air to pass through freely and water to seep out easily. Choosing the proper breathable material of a reef shoe also ensures that the water is not absorbed for longer periods in the shoe, which causes discomfort and bacteria and smell buildup.

The preferable reef shoes should be lightweight for less water absorption and breathability.

2. Prioritize Comfort Always

Aside from being breathable, another crucial aspect for choosing a pair of reef shoes is its comfort. There are reef shoe brands out there that fail to factor in providing the best comfort for the wearer, especially since this type of footwear is worn outdoors in beach-related activities.

There are some shoe brands out there with minimal padding, which can cause blisters when worn for longer periods.

Being lightweight does not mean the comfort should be neglected. When going to the beach, either swimming or just walking on the sand, one must wear reef shoes that keep the feet comfortable.

When buying reef shoes, always test it and feel its cushioning. It should be snuggly enough to fit the entire form of the feet.

3. Make Sure the Reef Shoes Are Easy to Wear

Many people have difficulties tying their shoes, especially those who cannot bend over easily due to back pains. Fortunately, most reef shoe brands out there manufacture a slip-on feature that makes it very easy for reef shoes to wear and remove.

So, when looking for a reef shoe, make sure to choose the one that comes with a slip-on feature. Also, make sure to choose the one that comes with a stretchable upper mesh for convenience and comfort.

4. Look for the most durable

Reef shoes are not just designed to provide comfort and protection while enjoying the sun and the sea, but they should also last longer and be able to withstand the wear and tear effects.

Most reef shoe brands offer durable variants made from tough but comfortable materials, so choosing which one is the best for durability will not be difficult to choose either online or at a brick-and-mortar shop.

5. Choose the One with the Tightest Grip

Wearing a reef shoe is very important to prevent foot injuries while in the water. These injuries may come from sea urchins, sharp rocks and corals, and most of all, the slippery surface on the shallow sea surface.

Thus, traction is a very important factor when buying a pair of reef shoes. A good-quality pair of reef shoes have special treads on their rubber outsoles to prevent slipping.


Being on the sea or the beach needs preparation to make sure any untoward accidents will not happen. One of them is wearing reef shoes. However, before buying a pair of reef shoes, one must always remember the tips listed above to ensure that the feet are well-protected.

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