Five Things to Know About Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Hearing Jeep was coming out with a luxury SUV in the super-premium segment was enough to pique anyone’s interest. That’s not to say prior Jeep models haven’t been stylish and comfortable, but just that it represents an ambitious departure from “business as usual” for the automaker.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a formidable addition to the lineup, with three full rows of seating for up to eight and an interior focused on luxury materials and cutting-edge tech. But some of the credentials of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer might actually surprise you — let’s just say this model has a few fun tricks up its sleeves.

Here are five things to know about the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

#1: This SUV Has Roots in the 1960s

The Grand Wagoneer may be a 2022 model year release, but longtime Jeep enthusiasts will recognize it as a return, not a debut.

The very first time the Grand Wagoneer nameplate arrived was actually 1984, but an upscale SUV called the Super Wagoneer in 1966 echoed some of the same ideas we see in the Grand Wagoneer today. All in all, the original Wagoneer had a nearly three-decade run until it was halted in 1991 — and now it’s back!

#2: It Features Body-on-Frame Construction

Although far from a pickup truck, the Grand Wagoneer does utilize body-on-frame construction — which, as Car and Driver points out, is similar to the system used by the Ram 1500. The idea here is that the body is separate from but attached to the chassis. The difference between the SUV and the pickup, however, is the independent rear suspension, which tends to smooth out the ride quality of the SUV.

#3: It Has Some Off-Road Capabilities

When you think about taking your SUV off-road, the image that first comes to mind is probably a Wrangler — or really any vehicle that isn’t a huge luxury SUV. However, the Grand Wagoneer actually has some off-road chops despite not qualifying for the brand’s Trail Rated badge.

As Road Show by CNET outlines, here are some Grand Wagoneer off-road capabilities:

  • Standard Quadra-Drive II 4WD system
  • Two-speed transfer case plus low-range gearing
  • Air suspension (10 inches ground clearance, two feet water clearance)

#4: It Can Tow Nearly 10,000 Pounds

Jeep fans are traditionally eager to get outdoors any chance they can, right? The Jeep Grand Wagoneer supports a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle with a towing capacity up to 9,850 pounds when properly equipped. So, besides bringing the kiddos and their friends up to the cabin for the weekend, families can also bring their boat or trailer with ease. This makes the Grand Wagoneer the best in its class in terms of maximum towing capability.

#5: Its Cabin Features up to 44 Inches of Touchscreen

It’s funny to imagine trying to fit the TV that’s in your living room inside your car, but the Grand Wagoneer actually offers an available 44 total inches of touchscreen spread throughout the cabin. While the driver will have command of the main navigation, entertainment and climate control screens, even the front passenger can have their own 10.25-in. screen for looking up directions to the destination or just sitting back and watching a movie.

Drivers looking for a luxury vehicle without sacrificing capability and even “outdoorsy-ness” may find the flexibility they’re seeking in the Grand Wagoneer. There are four different models from which drivers can choose: Series I, Series II, Obsidian and Series III. The release — or should we say the re-release — of the Grand Wagoneer represents a fun (and luxe) a new addition to the Jeep family.

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