Five Things to Think about When You Decide to Stop Smoking

Smoking once seen as a harmless or even beneficial habit is now known to be something that is really bad for you and those close to you. But stopping is not simple so here are some things to think about when you want to try to give yourself the best odds.

1) Be motivated

People are more likely to succeed when they are fully committed to it. Whether you are tired of smelling like old tobacco, the stains on your teeth, the cough, or the cost there are some very good reasons to quit so hold onto them. You need to find your stubborn, committed side, especially in the first few days and weeks when it is hardest. If you are interested in learning about other support and aids educate yourself with e-books, programs, therapists, learn about vape Australia options if looking at e-cigarettes.

2) Have a plan

You need to have a plan in place and strategies for when you need more support. Make sure people around you know and do not smoke around you or offer you a cigarette. Have something visual around to remind yourself of why you are doing this. What are you going to do at those times when you are used to smoking? Plan as much as you can. Start exercising as that is a great way to distract yourself and get rid of some of the stress. Even a short walk is great.

3) Surround yourself with a smoke free environment

If you have friends who still smoke find ways to see them when they do not usually need to smoke. Or just stop seeing them for a few weeks until you have a handle on the withdrawal. Get rid of everything, the ashtrays, the cigarettes, the lighters. Set yourself up to have a safe space where there is no temptation to give in. Don’t forget to clear out your car as well.

4) Take advantage of the tools and aids

There are a number of options to have help as you quit, gums, inhalers, medications, and more. One of the recent developments that have shown a lot of success for smokers is the electronic cigarette. If you want to move from smoking to vape Australia has many great options. It mimics the action and is something you can do socially. You can manage your withdrawal and vape is a healthier option than smoking.

5) Consider your diet

A problem some have is that when they cannot smoke they start picking up food to move to their mouths instead and that leads to weight gain. Have healthy foods in the house and snacks ready in the fridge or cupboards to grab. For now, avoid buying junk food. Consider adjusting your diet in general to something more healthy as that can actually help too.


People often hope for a magic pill or something that will make quitting easy but there is nothing like that, at least not yet! Try to stay focused and find the strength you need. It may take some exploration but with all the options out there when it comes to e-cigarettes you will find the best option for you. Head your local vape store like Shosha and there you can find products of the vape shed among others.

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