Four trees have some unique energy that you may not know.

The grapefruit tree is a citrus tree with the scientific name Citrus maxima. The grapefruit tree is a woody plant with an average of 1-4 m. Grapefruit is suitable for tropical climates, originating from regions of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. There are many pomelo trees with different sizes, shapes, flavors, colors, sizes, and diverse characteristics.

Grapefruit is an ornamental plant and a trendy fruit tree in our country. Trees are often planted in front of the house to get shade, scent, fruit, or garden of many households. This is an easy plant to grow and take care of, suitable for the Vietnamese climate. Hence, it was soon widely known and entered into the culinary culture of the Vietnamese people, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Pomelos cây bưởi have many sizes and flavors depending on the cultivar. For example,  Doan Hung pomelo is only 15 cm in diameter, lovely and fragrant, while Nam Roi pomelo, Tan Trieu pomelo (Bien Hoa), green skin pomelo (Ben Hoa) Bamboo). Many other pomelos are commonly found in Vietnam and Thailand with a diameter of about 18 – 23 cm with different sour, sweet, bitter, and fleshy flavors.

Information about the Milky Way tree

Milk thistle has its scientific name is Chrysophyllum Cainino, belongs to the family Sapotaceae. The plant is native to tropical America and the Antilles. Many people love this fruit tree in Vietnam because of its delicious taste. Primarily, it has been associated with our people for a long time and in the familiar and touching fairy tale about the cây vú sữa Milky Way tree.

This tree has a fast growth rate prefers a tropical climate with two distinct rainy and sunny seasons and little rain. Therefore, it is very suitable for planting in the Southern region of our country. The soil suitable for growing plants is light soil, alluvial soil with good drainage, less acidic.

Although the fruit is quite familiar to many people, the tree’s shape is not known to everyone. Below are the identifying characteristics of the tree.

Some information Camphor Tree

Camphor tree has the scientific name Cinnamomum camphora N. et E, belonging to the family Lauraceae. Trees for wide canopy cool green are often grown as ornamental trees, landscape trees, construction trees, etc. Ha Dong Greenery Garden specializes in buying and selling camphor trees at reasonable prices and quality. Ensure healthy plants, good seeds, fast shipping, long-term warranty.

What is a Camphor tree?

This type of tree must be unfamiliar to many people; camphor, also known as the Da Huong tree, is a tall woody plant. It has many roots from East Asia, such as Taiwan, southern Japan, southeastern China, etc. The tree height is 10-15m, even up to 30m. The trunk has many color spots, is longitudinally cracked, and is about 2m in size.

The canopy is wide, divided into many branches and branches. The branches are pretty smooth, different from the bark of the trunk, often growing sparsely.

Camphor leaves are oval, alternate, and grow on petioles about 2.5 – 3 cm long. The glossy leaves are dark green above paler below. The veins are feather-shaped, prominent in the middle, surrounded by many auxiliary veins.

Camphor cây long não flowers grow in clusters with many small flowers. Flowers are yellow-green, hermaphroditic. The flower consists of 3 sepals and three petals. The pistil consists of 3 rings and 1-2 pistils. The flowering season is from April to June.

Berries, growing in clusters, are small with only about 1cm diameter. At a glance, it looks almost like black pepper, with a small cup-shaped stalk underneath. The fruit is green when young, purple when ripe, ripening in September – November.

Orchid tree information

Ngoc Lan flower has a passionate fragrance and pure beauty. This plant is grown in many urban buildings, schools, villas, etc. In today’s article, let’s learn more about this flower with Green Tree Ha Dong. As well as suggesting to you the address to sell Ngoc Lan flowers at a reasonable price and quality.

Description of the Ngoc Lan flower plant

Ngoc Lan flower tree also has many other names such as Ngoc Lan porcelain tree, Ngoc Lan ta or Michelia champaca L is the scientific name. Originally from India, it belongs to the genus Magnolia (Magnolia family). The cây hoa ngọc lan tree was introduced to our country in the 19th century. Today it is grown very popularly in many different works.

In terms of shape, the Ngoc Lan flower is a straight tree with an average height of 5m – 15m. The bark is white, slightly rough, 20-25cm in diameter.

The leaves have a pointed oval shape at the tips of the leaves. The leaves are usually green when young and turn dark green as they mature.

Ngoc Lan flowers are fragrant, white, or yellow, depending on the type. Each flower usually has an average of 10-15 elongated petals. The petals are alternately arranged in a spiral. The season in our country usually starts from March to August every year.

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