GabeCFN Is a Fortnite Content Creator and Fortnite Player For Vanish Esports

GabeCFN is a Fortnite content creator and Fortnite player for Vanish esports. He’s been playing the game since it was first released in July 2017. He’s part of the One Percent team and has been active on YouTube since February 2019. While his recent performances haven’t been enough to make the top half of this list, he has already made himself stand out in the game.

GabeCFN Issue:

After his success on YouTube, GabeCFN signed with Luminosity Gaming, an esports organization. He’s also been recognized for his work with Luminosity Gaming, where his Florida home is officially dubbed LG Fortnite House. His YouTube channel now has almost two million subscribers and has a monthly viewership of over 25 million. Now, he’s considering his next career move. He hopes to move from a YouTuber to a multiplatform influencer.

LG Fortnite House:

The Fortnite video game is so popular that it has gained a following of devoted fans worldwide. A popular gaming stream attracted over six million concurrent viewers for the first time. Luminosity Gaming’s streaming service was recently crowned “LG Fortnite House.” The game has grown to be the highest-viewed video game on Twitch, with a massive audience of about a billion viewers.


The content creator and Fortnite player is GabeCFN, a YouTuber with nearly two million subscribers. His channel has over 25 million views. The young man is considering his next career move: becoming a multiplatform influencer. Currently, he’s planning to make Fortnite his primary source of income. So, he’s focusing on his Fortnite content creation and playing for Vanish Esports.

Victory Royale:

While other popular shooter games mimic reality with graphic violence, Fortnite sets itself apart with comic mischief and customizable whimsy. The game offers several modes, including “Victory Royale” and “Save the World.” This is the competitive version of Fortnite and Luminosity Gaming. The other version of Fortnite is known as LG Fortnite House.

After his success in the Fortnite esports scene, GabeCFN is now signed to a contract with Luminosity Gaming, an esports organization that signed him. He’s also a content creator and Fortnite player for the esports team. Besides being a Fortnite pro, GabeCFN’s career has gone beyond the game. He’s a YouTuber, a Fortnite content creator, and a member of the Coalition of Parents in esports.

In addition to being a content creator:

GabeCFN is also a Fortnite player for Vanish Esports. He’s a content creator and Fortnite player for the Vanish esports team. He also serves as the esports org’s ‘Fortnite House,’ which has a name of a real estate building.

As a content creator and Fortnite player for Luminosity Gaming, GabeCFN has built his career by connecting with his viewers through social media. His channel has more than 2 million subscribers and has an average of 25 million monthly views. Now, he’s looking to expand his career into other areas, aiming to be a multiplatform influencer.

As a Fortnite content creator:

GabeCFN is now an influential Fortnite player. In addition to creating videos, he also participates in competitions with other esports teams. Currently, he plays Fortnite for Vanish Esports. This will allow him to make money while playing Fortnite. There is no reason to limit what a Fortnite esports fan can do. You can start by educating yourself on Fortnite before jumping into the game.

Final Talk:

If you’re looking for a content creator, a Fortnite player, or a Fortnite esports team, you’ll be able to find a variety of players to join. The first is GabeCFN, a content creator and Fortnite player for the Vanish Esports. He has a fantastic YouTube channel that includes many videos and talks about the game.

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