Get to Know About the Anatomy of Hair Transplantation

The ratio facing hair loss issues is about 60% of men, whereas only about 10% of women face such issues. Continuous exposure of scalp of less hair could lead to risks of actinic damage and skin cancer. Pattern baldness caused in both men and women is a few exceptional cases treated effectively.

Balding leads to a potential lack of confidence, and people often get worried about such issues. The ultimate solution to these problems is a hair transplant. Skyclinic provides the best cosmetic surgery consultation and treats the patients in their desired manner.

The Basics of Hair Transplant:

Hair restoration surgery in modern times is conducted on the technique named follicular unit transplantation (FUT). 

Androgenic alopecia is considered to be a leading cause of hair loss in men, whereas women tend to face the issue of pattern baldness. Skyclinic helps the patients to understand their cause of hair loss and to come up with the best-suited treatment for them. 

This article helps you out in understanding the basics of transplants and how they work. There are guidelines mentioned that can help both the dermatologist and the customer to communicate the procedure in the best way possible. The article also highlights how a candidate is feasible or not for a certain transplant. 

What part of the head causes a problem in transplant?

The changing process of using grafts instead of individual strands has made hair transplantation quite easy. This grafting is done through naturally occurring hair strips extracted from the healthier part of your head.

The single hair follicle can be measured around 3-5mm. The hair shaft produced through these hair follicles has a width of about 0.1 mm. The hair follicle is composed of five elements:

  • The dermal papillae
  • Matrix
  • Outer root sheath (ORS)
  • Inner root sheath (IRS)
  • The hair shaft

The surface of the skin is known as the epidermis, and the hair shaft is considered to be the only part of the hair follicle that exists on the surface of the skin. The hair shaft although is formed through 3 layers:

  • The cuticle, the outer layer that locks itself with the internal root sheath.
  • In the middle layer, you can see a vortex that holds the hair shaft and provides the ultimate strength to your hair.
  • The core layer is known as the medulla; this is only present in the terminal follicles.

The middle layer tends organic protein known as keratin which is also found in the horns of rhinoceros and deer antlers. 

Aesthetics of Hair Transplant:

When we take the delicate forming of each hair, it becomes crystal clear to us that it requires proper knowledge. When conducting a transplant, the surgeon is required to put your hair from one place to another. 

The neurovascular bundle and sebaceous gland are two basic elements that need to be intact throughout the procedure. Therefore it requires a high level of skills for a surgeon to conduct a hair transplant. Skyclinic has a well-experienced staff with years of training and successful history of transplants.

Final Verdict:

It is normal for you to question that if the market is full of cosmetic products that could help your hair look, why do you need surgery? The products essentially help you to increase your hair volume temporarily. 

Ultimately you’ll keep suffering from hair loss, but the damage is great. Therefore it is proven that using such cosmetic products may eventually cause your hair to be denser than before. So, get in touch with Skyclinic and get better results. 

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